Progression Model Suggestion

Hi Christian

I’ve been working in this structure for 3 weeks.

A. Main lift 5 4 3 2 1
B. 2 mechanical drop set or growth factor super sets
C. Prowler or carries

It is something like you posted to someone who wanted to lose fat while ago, but I’m not dieting.

Anyway I get such structure and it is working very good. More then I could think because I’m volume and high reps guy. I think the trick is mechanical drops sets/or growth factor sets with isolation or auxiliar exercises let my snc work well.

I progressed in these 3 weeks on the 1 rep:

Bench press 247,5 to 258,5
Back Squat 302,5 to 310
Deadlift 286 to 320

Funny my deadlift and my squat are same. My 1 rep is the maximum I can afford, all my sticking points are at bottom, so that let me think in I could increase my raw strength a little bit.

The point that surprised me is that I was able to work in my shape and/or aesthetics so for my goals is perfect.

Could I progess in such structure changing the model progression of the main lift?

Week 1 - 5 x 4-6
Week 2 - 1x5, 1x4, 1x3, 1x5, 1x4, 1x3
Week 3 - 1x5, 1x4, 1x3, 1x2, 1x1
Week 4 - 1x3, 1x2, 1x1, 1x3, 1x2, 1x1

That is actually a very good progression model