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Progression Model for Muscle Up

Hey Coach,
Apologies in advance if you’ve covered this topic, but I couldn’t find anything from a quick search.

What would be your recommended progression model for someone trying to be able to complete a muscle up? I’m currently about 180 lb. I can usually do at least 15 strict reps on and AMRAP set. I’ve never actually tested weighted max, but I will typically add 35lb for sets of 6. Currently I can pull myself up to about where the bar will be midway between my belly button and my sternum.

@Cyrrex might be able to help here, he does really nice looking MU’s - quite often, people are already strong enough to do a muscle up but just don’t have the skill down yet. I suspect that may be the case here.

Rings or bar? If rings, check out the false grip, and you may get one today. Bar I have a harder time with.

Honestly that’s kinda like asking Dorian Yates how to progress on power cleans. It’s not my area of expertise.

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Might be easier to refer the OP to a conversation I had with @aldebaran in his log for starters. Not sure any of it specifically helped, but I know he actually got his first MU not long after that.

I agree that it sounds like you have the raw strength, but next question is if you have the speed. If you have that, then you just have to figure out the timing and technique.

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