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Progression in the BBB Routine


Thank you for all your words of wisdom. In the BBB routine, I’m a little unclear about how to progress the two main accessory exercises for 5 x 10. Is there any progression involved or do I stick with my 50%, 60%, and 70% of my training max for each month? Obviously 70% in the third month is way more difficult than 50% in the first but should there be progression within each month?

Thank you again for your help.


Generally, we do all of our BBB work with FSL weights. That is the goal, anyway. If you are new to this (BBB), start with 50% and work up slowly.

Also, all 5x10 must be done in 20 minutes. For younger athletes, this is done with 2 additional assistance movements between the main movement (Krypteia style). For older/experienced lifters, we just do the 5x10 sans assistance.


Thank you for the quick response. I am new to the BBB program literally plan to start this week. For clarification please, what does FSL stand for?

FSL is first set last, ie. You use the same percentage of your TM as in your first working 5/3/1 set.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Thank you again Jim. After the FSL question, I just purchased your Beyond 5/3/1 eBook and can’t wait to dig in.

Merry Christmas!

Good call on the purchase as there’s only so much one can glean from forums. And, you’ve purchased a lifetime of programming.

EDIT it was early, and I was sleepy so I misread your post. Thought you bought Forever. Now THATS a lifetime of programming. Beyond is strong, too, so still a good call.