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Progression for OHP?

I am currently on a nice progression scheme for bench press where I do 3x5 on day 1 and 5x5 day 2 and then 3x5 with 5lbs more on day 3 and so on. This has been working extremely well.

But the same cannot be done for OHP. I can get in more reps. For example I did 3x5 on day 1, 5x5 day 2 and today I was able to manage 4x7.

How can I approach to the progression for OHP?

OHP is a stubborn son of a bitch. I’m a little confused, though. Could you not get 3x5 with 5 more pounds today so you did 4x7 instead? Have you tried making the poundage jumps smaller (maybe 2.5 instead of 5)?

Taking your template, one presssion model I really like is:


Depending on how you performed:

5 reps: +5lbs
6-7 reps: +6lbs
8 reps: +7lbs

or similar (you need microplates). So you get extra work in when having a good day with extra reps and the workload will be heavier next time around.

But be aware that you’ll probably have the opposite problem to what you’re facing pretty quickly.