Progression and Deloads for "Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural..."

The article didn’t give a progression or deload plan. I was wondering if Coach T. or this forum had any insights into how things are suppose to happen.

The double pause method calls for a weight you can do 4-6 times. The mTor sets call for 6-8 reps on the final set. The 6-8-10 set is pretty self explanatory. 6 rep max, drop weight, 8 reps, drop weight, 10 reps.

The common number is 6. If you can do more than 6 reps on your working set then it’s probably a safe time to add weight. The goal of this program is hypertrophy so waiting til you surpass 8 or even 10 reps would probably work OK.

If you’ve done any mTor sets then you’ll know that 6 reps is good! I don’t want to do 10. It hurts so good.

As far as deloading that’s an independent variable. I’ve only needed to deload when doing a very intense progression like the Complete Power Look program–after week 10 I’m smoked. I’m not sure if I’ll have a need to deload on this program since the daily volume is lower than I’m used to doing. Read some articles about deloading and learn to read your own body. We’re all a bit different.

CT has mentioned on another thread that he’s writing a longer term progression plan and a 4 day version as well.

My two cents: it’s a bodybuilding program so you should just regular linear progression with workout-to-workout autoregulation based on how you do on that given day. Basically exactly what JMaier31 said. In a program like this without any planned progression model, you deload when you feel like you have to.

Please guys, can’t we all just wait until the article comes out. We have already pissed CT off when the article first came out, and now every man and his dog want’s him to change the programme to suit their individual needs.

And that’s exactly why I responded to the OP… with the hopes that I’d satisfy his curiosity and save CT the time. I think we’re all dying to see the follow ups - - especially since CT says they’re already written!

The days per week change requests are the most annoying, most programs are less than 6 days per week so if you can’t do this pick literally almost any other program. Or trying to modify the body part split somehow. Most programs at their core are some body part split over X days per week