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Progression Advice on Back/Bi Day

Hey guys,

I just had a question on how progression would work on back days. I’m trying to become more disciplined such that I can track it better.

My workout today went like so:

Weighted Pullups: 45x8, 45x7, 25x7 (plus 2 bw), 25x6 (plus 2 bw)
Bent-Over Rows: 4 sets, 135x10 (i cheat sometimes by using momentum to pull, is this ok?)
DB Curls: 10x40s, 9x40s, 5x40+5x30
DB Preacher: 10x30s, 9x30s, 9x30s

any thoughts on how to progress, whether i’m doing something wrong? note that i’m doing as much as possible every set.

Just 2 excercises for Back ?

If you think about it… your back consists of how many muscles … and you give the same amount of sets to your biceps which are how many muscles ??

So if you come to the conclusion i did, you would figure your back needs ALOT more work than biceps !

There is over 30-40 excercises for your back… choose more.

Also in regards to doing Back-Biceps if i were you i would reconsider it…

Doing your Back also uses your Biceps… so when or if you follow my suggestion you will find your Biceps are pretty fried after your Back so maybe swap them with your Triceps…

Like a good split would be:

Monday: Chest and Biceps (As the Triceps get used with Chest)
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Back and Triceps (As Biceps get used with Back)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Shoulders/Abs/Calves
Sunday: OFF

Followed that for many a year :slight_smile:

But of course, its up to you.

i’ve never tried a split like this, but i appreciate the logic. i’m going to go on a leap of faith and do it as i’m not really progressing that much.

what would you recommend in terms of back? i do 8 sets of back exercises, even though only two exercises are done. furthermore, i can’t seem to understand any form of progression to be honest.

No problem just give me 10 minutes hold on :slight_smile:

Just one question how many days a week you free to go to the gym ?

i have really all the time for the gym, i can go 7 days if need be. thanks for the pm btw

No problem :slight_smile:

Gah feck it ill just pm you again it will take all day to get everything sorted 1 post at a time !

Pm me that log so when its up.