Progressing with Bodyweight Apocalypse Program

Hi Christian

I have completed the bodyweight apocalypse program a few times now and just wondered how can i keep progressing with the program without adding external resistance ?
For example on the eccentric days could i keep adding 2 more sec each week to the exercises ?
And keep adding time to the isometrics

Would that work.

Thankyou in advance

which one did you complete?Any noticeable strength and body transformation changes?Thanks.

Im not sure about strength as i have been losing weight but physique wise yes definitely looking better .

good to know.he has 3 bodyweight programs–which ones did you finish?

Honestly I don’t know what to tell you. These programs are not meant to be run several times. The fact that you kept progressing by running it a second time is already pretty good.

Bodyweight training with basic exercises (as opposed to more complex gymnastic skills) is very limited progression-wise, as you cannot increase load. So the only way to progress is to increase volume (either by doing more sets or by doing more reps/duration per set). But that has its limit as it can reach a point where you exceed your body’s capacity to recover.

I’m not gonna lie: I designed these programs at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were all still expecting it to last for a few weeks. They were never designed with long term progress in mnd nor as a substitute for weight training.

Thankyou understood

Does bodyweight training have less impact on CNS and general recovery? Can it substitute one weekly weight training session in order to improve general wellbeing?

If done at the level required to actually get gains from it, no.

In fact, it may cause even more central fatigue as central fatigue is more influenced by volume/duration of activity than load (e.g. endurance work cause more central fatigue than strength work, as counter-intuitive as it may sound). And body weight work will typically require a lot more volume because you need to do a lot more reps to reach the properly level of effort per set to stimulate growth when your body weight only provide an “easy” resistance for an exercise.

For example, it may take you 50 reps to reach failure on body weight squats but with weights you can achieve that with any number of reps.

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I did the bodyweight and resistance band
apocalypse program