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Progressing: What To Do Now?

hello guys, 26 male 6’2” 153.5, eating 3k daily, greyskull lp, one cardio day and semi active during the day (20-30 hours ish standing weekly).


165 bench 110 ohp, squat 180(deload to 160 but struggling with weight because i had to deload to fix form) 170 deadlift (had to deload to fix form right now at 165) chin ups 37.5 (deload due to not getting 15 reps to 30 pounds).

should i continue doing greyskull or move to something else? been 4-5 months on this while figuring out how many cals needed to lean bulk (increasing 200 each month until i gain 1.5-2 pounds. last time i maintained at 2700).

thanks for your time and sorry for my english.

Now that you have something working why not keep doing it?

because i had to deload on squats and deads and well i guess i needed more volume

So you just figured out the calories to lean bulk, but had to drop weight to work on form.

Have you gotten form figured out?

If so, keep working with what works. Keep pushing, get strong. Then you’ll have good form and get stronger. That’s about as much as anybody can reasonably expect.

You may have to adjust calorie intake as you build muscle and start moving more weight, but not drastically.

yeah form is still a bit meh. i need to figure out and its low bar squat. i cant seem to break at hips and knees at the same time. could this actually be the problem on why i dont progress?

i break at hips first

I wouldn’t worry about a few milliseconds here or there. There aren’t any major structural or coordination problems with what you’re doing.

The only thing I’d suggest is to not lock/hyper extend your knees like that, but it shouldn’t hold you back.

Not necessarily. Mike T who was an advocate of adding volume (and waving volume) now recommends adding volume if other things stall - because not everyone responds to more volume. First is substituting variations of the main lifts in (after focussing on a different training approach for 2-6 weeks).

Its worth noting that for a lot of these LP programs, you’ve peaked and not necessarily stalled