Progressing Through Bench Shirts from Single Ply to Multiply

I’m looking to progress towards a multiply bench shirt. I’ve most recently used an old, hand me down Titan F6 shirt that’s a size or two too large and has been used in at least 3 training cycles and 2 meets. It seems like I’m currently getting ~50lbs out of the shirt.

Any thoughts on jumping straight into a double ply shirt like a Rage-X, SDP, or double ply Super Katana?

Or would it be wiser to have a slower progression, maybe starting with a newer, proper fitting shirt and progressing from into a multiply shirt from there?

Get a properly fitting F6. Wear that thing out. Then jump to the Super Katana.

For multiply the go to for most is the SDP from Inzer. Most of the big multiply benches are done in the SDP.

Then there’s the Forell F8. I have a 2ply version and LOVE it!

Thanks for the feedback! This was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up purchasing a used double ply Super Katana about 2 weeks ago because it was a pretty good deal.

I’ll probably give it a few workouts and am generally expecting it to be too much shirt for me right now, so I’ll get a proper fitting F6 type shirt and progress like you’ve mentioned.

Does the F8 shirt have the same feeling as a bench shirt or do the band shirts have a different feel?

F8 totally different feel.

Just thought I’d update the thread. The double ply Super Katana has worked really well so far. Given the weights I’m using, it’s probably a bit much for me, but I think I’ll grow into it. I’m very much learning how to “row” the weight in, as well as finding the groove of the shirt.

Here’s some work I just did with a 2 block. I worked up to 390 for a double and it felt pretty good.

Still working on getting a solid setup; starts out mediocre and seems to get worse between each rep.

Stay tight. Weight should go up in a straighter line. Don’t believe the throw it up and back advice. You lose tightness and strength at lockout. Keep your lats engaged the whole time. Do lots of upper back and lat work.

Wear a belt to keep the shirt from riding up.

Shirt seems loose which is ok for learning and growing into.