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Progressing on 5/3/1


Is the ten pound progression still the preferred way for squats and deads or is five a viable option?


I do the following increases

Bench 5
Front Squat 7
DL 10

5 seems a bit low for deadlift unless the presses were less but then they would be too low I think.


Do you micro load? Just curious how you add 3 and 7 pounds


If I remember the books correctly five pounds is fine for squat and DL.


Its just the training max number, you still need to take percentages on that for the days lifts and round to nearest 5 lbs. +3lbs just means on the next cycle not all 3 weeks go up in weight, its usually 1 or 2 weeks go up in 5 lbs after rounding rather than all 3. And +7 means most weeks go up 5lbs and occasionally 10lbs when calculating percentages.


Ah gotcha. Makes sense.