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So.. I just finished training tonight and for the first time in a longtime, I was actually fucken pleased with my efforts, lol.

-The profanity just emphasizes how ecstatic I am feeling right now :smiley:

Let's cast back to the 15/9/07

Despite making a bad decision the night before the lift to go out and get tanked, and then jump on the plane hungover, and arrive at the event hung over :/, I pulled off a very hard 130kg squat @ 58.5kg

Notes: wide stance, low bar, only just managing parallel.

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAhYzN8971c

Thismorning I pulled off 130kg x 2 @ 62.2kg, close stance deep, :slight_smile:

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4bpL-DNQl4

I know it's not much weight but the personal achievment I'm feeling right is pretty damn good heh


nice squatting.


pretty good, you'll soon be filling those clothes.


Great effort Ghost, I never grow tired of seeing young lions paying their dues under the bar.


Good job!


nice lifts. very impressive for that bodyweight.

just a quick question:

how come you got different shoes on in each video? wouldn't you wear the same as you compete in?


I don't compete. (Don't lift enough yet so there's no point)

[edit:] I just wanna get 'hyuuuuuuge' and 'jacked', lol, :frowning:


oo, thought by event you meant meet.





wss that meant to be a regular deadlift or a straight leg? whichever, you really need to sort out your form.


You train a hell of alot harder than me man.... The only thing I can see holding you back is weight gain. If you gained 1lb a week for 1-2 years you would be probably squating 600+ and deadlifting 700+ Not to the leverage you would get out of your bench with all that weight gain.

Great job!


It looks like he did the deads after the squats, I dont think any of us would have leg drive after those, much less form...


Yes, they are SLDL's, and they were done about 5minutes after the squats. The last 6 reps on the SLDL's were KILLER, I couldn't even lock them out, but still had to try. I did 1 extra cos I lost count and didn't wanna come up short lol.


Apart from the last few reps, what's wrong with my SLDL form? lol.....


Maybe it's the angle, but it looks like your lower back is rounding a lot.


i agree there is tons of back curving, dont be afraid to bend the knees on a straight leg, the more you do them the more flexible you'll get. and dont fuck with your back. (i dont claim to be a heavy lifter but, i exuse my lack of heavy lifting due to a back injury from deadlifting 2x BW with poor form).

i think your post title is great though you're doing great, chipping away at the big weights.


el0gic - do you even lift? your profile stats would suggest not, your avatar would suggest you have more of an interest in cycling...

I am amazed at the replies in regards to form..

STIFF LEG DEADLIFT - Keep the knees relatively straight but not locked out, bend down and pick the fucken weight up...gees, it's not that hard.

Thanks for the feedback anyhow, I take all advice on board =)



Point still stands. Looks like you are bending from the back and not the hips, which is going to put a lot of stress on your vertebrae. See how you feel in a couple of years.


btw, nice improvement in the squat.


GHOSTrun, you are strong lad, but really it looks like your lumbar spine is curved. For me conventional deadlifts make wonders for stiff-legged deadlifts' form, and particularly the straight back thing.
Anyway, good job.