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I was contemplating posting a thread all day about my ‘newb progress’ and I wasn’t sure wether I should do it or not, because, like most previous posters, they get trolled relentless, but I digress…

I started lifting In November (Exactly two months ago this Monday), I’m using Eric Cressey’s “Maximum Strenght” program and I just finished the second phase. I’m really, really excited about how the first two phases went and I’d recommend this program to anyone and EVERYONE - it’s great! I’m not that big - not at all. I’m 16-years-old, I weight around 150 lbs, I stand about 5 foot 7 inches with about 15% bodyfat… (Or higher, I don’t really know to be honest, just ‘guesstimating’.)

I started off EXTREMELY weak (Not that I’m considered ‘strong’ now compared to some of you guys.)

Starting Lifts
DEADLIFT: 150lbs (And that was a 150lb 1RM that I struggled with.)
SQUAT: Could barely do the bar… I was so embarrassed. (That was one of the things that drove me to get stronger.)
BENCH (I’m using Dumbbells because I’m a Baseball Pitcher as well as an avid lifter.): 30lb. Dumbbells

Mid-Program Lift (2 months progress)
DEADLIFT: 385.7 lbs. (That’s my 1RM and it ripped off the floor awfully fast. Probably will be able to do more after my Deload week.)
SQUAT: 300lbs. (Writing this actually made me smile… From barely being able to squat the bar, to dropping down ATG to squat 300lbs. - That’s Front Squating too.)
BENCH: 60lb Dumbbells for reps. (Not very impressive, but it wasn’t the ‘focus of my rage’.)

Hoping to see some great progress the next half of the program!


Good job.

Great work! Keep it up and keep us posted.

Congratulations. You’ll probably be interested to know there is a thread for prs and overall progress that everyone here posts in. As opposed to new pr threads poping up for individuals.

Good job buddy. Just keep going.

I wish my newbie gains had come with a 250# increase to my squat PR in 2 months…

If you’re not trolling, good work man. Keep it up.

Great job. Keep it up. Getting stronger never gets old.

So you increased your squat 255 pounds in only 60 days ?

235 on your dead?

I don’t believe that at all.

Post a video or go home.

It’s definitely possible for a noob. Fixing your technique as a beginner can add 100+ lbs and obviously PR’s come much easier. Also deadlifts are a natural movement. I’ve known guys who were able ot rip 315 off the ground the first time they deadlifted.

Congratulation and keep it up.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I love training, getting stronger and getting better - especially as it transfers over to Baseball.

And no, I swear that I’m not “trolling” you. I don’t have the time to troll and I’d rather not waste your guys time with bullshit “e-lifts”. I’m just a kid who loves to progress and lift hard because of the transfer it has to Baseball.

Oh, and wasn’t Rippetoe the man who said “Increase weight by as much as possible each session until you can only increase it once a week”? Well, that’s what I was doing and it works - for complete newbies that is.

I’ll be posting videos as soon as I can.

And I was not aware of the thread, S.Fisher_47, thank you!


Only suggestion I’d make is benching with a barbell. I have a friend who’s a pitcher so he’s always complaining, he can’t go heavy, blah blah blah and I taught how to bench press safely. He is now much stronger because of it. Just make sure you do plenty of upper back work and your shoulder should stay healthy.