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just an update guys,
found this site about two years ago, came on and made a few pretty stupid posts, and a bit off a dick out of myself.
Even so, I think it was single most important discovery I have made as far as my training goes.

Back then I was working in a dead end job after leaving school early, in bad shape, and no idea how to train or eat, and had a bit of a problem with certain substances.
1 year ago, discovered how to eat properly and kicked my bad habits.

Today, work for myself as a personal trainer, have won a powerlifting competition (I have photos to prove it haha) have found God, and am finally happy with my body and my life…

Im not trying to kiss anyone’s ass, but just wanted to say thanks guys, the older posters especially, you helped change things for me…

Back in 08’, not saying im anywhere near the size I want to be, but Im still pleased with how Ive done so far

Looks like you’ve leaned up quite a bit and put some size on. Keep up the good work!

[quote]flashgordon wrote:
have found God, and am finally happy with my body and my life…[/quote]

Awesome…welcome to the club! Keep up the good work bro

cheers lads!!
cant wait to hit the gym this tomorrow