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Progress: Wk 4 of 12 Wk Test Enanth Cycle


Almost through week 4 of 12 week test enanth cycle. Strength is beginning to pick up at the gym - it's like I have to stop myself from doing TOO MUCH weight. Cardio endurance is way up, too. Kinda loving it. Pinning 250mg/test enanth E3D.

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm really enjoying it, and it's having a great effect on my strength and size. (Yes, already, most likely bc of the four fantastic weeks of dbol I just used) And my state-of-mind is flawless. I just feel, well, really strong. I know that sounds too simple, but it's true. Just a pure, strong, solid, happy feeling. At the gym I just want to shout, "Yeah, that's right, I just lifted that weight, and you can stare at me all you want!" When I walk down Madison Avenue in the morning with my ipod on, I cannot stop moving to the music. Cheesy, but true.

Increases on incline press, flat bench press, incline fly, and decline press. And I can do, like, 80 push-ups at once. And, amazingly, I'm not excruciatingly sore for the two days following a hard workout.

Okay, I'll shut up now. Looking forward to the gym tomorrow...LittleRunt


Great to hear LR.

Best of luck, onward march!



first cycel?
how much is the cardio increase?


I envy you to no end, runt. God Speed! and keep us posted.


what kind of increases have you seen so far..numbers wise?


Yep, this is my first cycle - and, basically, it rocks. The dbol was a great start, and now the test has begun to work. Not only am I slowly growing ( i think the large, eight pound gain in the beginning was the dbol plus some water weight) but my strength is slowly growing, also. I'm gonna track my number better this weekend.

Since coming off the dbol, water weight has come off (along with a pound or two) and it's like my body has actually changed shape - much tighter, very nice pumps from the gym, but just a sharper shape, if that makes any sense.

not hugely overeating - but hitting 225+ grams of protein, about 200-300g of carbs for about 3500 calories per day. i'm fairly small at 5'8" - started at 170lb and now am 176 after four weeks (today). like I said, most of that is probably from the dbol would be my guess.

Cardio I can do forever, but I may actually change to only doing it twice a week while cycling - I want those calories for my workouts. BF is 10%, so I can afford to put on a percentage or two and then lean up slowly. Basically I feel strong as an ox - very "kick ass" on the inside, with an outside that's starting to match. It feels amazing. Really amazing. LittleRunt


you should post pics of before and after the cycle.

I pretty have your same exact body but im 5'9 170lbs. And im thinking about doing the same exact cycle as you. How much test-e are you pinning in a week? and how much dbol did you take?>

oh and how old are you>


I'm a 5'8 guy as well- I too am jeliouis as hell. I will be running a cycle in Aug-Sept... Can't wait- Keep us posted Runt



Cool, keep us posted.


LR, looks great man. Can't wait to see your results as I am just finishing up(very soon) my first cycle.

Good Luck on this buddy. Good times are ahead, good times...


Man, I haven't been this excited about my body in a long time. I've been training hard for over 5 years - and I love how I feel right now.

I have already taken the "before" pics, and will definitely post alongside the "after" pics. Also, I've decided I don't give a flying f*ck about that other people are saying. They don't quite know what to do with me right now. Hell, even I don't quite know what to do with me! Never thought I would actually like injecting, but when the time comes I can't wait to do it. Freaky.

Still working on the adex dosage - a bit too emotional, but not too far off I don't think. .25 EOD. Might need to up it to ED. No other sides except wood ALL the time, which I think is great, being that we're right on the cusp of summer.

Will get into more detail and respond more the evening, when I'm not at work...LittleRunt


I'm pinning 750test enanthate per week (250 E3D), and for the first four weeks I took 40mg dbol ED.

I loved the dbol - some bloat, sure, but I immediately felt strong and started making strength gains. It was a nice prep feeling before the test started to hit. If you've my size, I wouldn't go above 40mg/day - headaches and too much bloat, plus almost painful pumps! 30-40 was perfect.

Oh, and I'm 34 years old.


YOURE 34? No way?! i thought you were 16 or something! its the name! lol

BTW, injecting needs to be watched. Needle fixations actually can cause problems..



Injectin r-o-c-k-s. So does Test Enanthate. Off to the gym...LittleRunt (PS: I think my profile has a pic if I remember correctly?)


I'm from NY also... without naming a city, is that the Madison Ave. that runs along with Central and Washington? Just wondering if we share the same part of NY.


Hey BigSquirrel - Nope, it's the Madison Avenue in Manhattan (never have been good with secrets...)


Nope, not the same part, Im a ways upstate


Have you noticed any sides yet? And i dont know if you said it yet but what are you going to do reguarding PCT?>


Only sides are I'm kinda (really) emotional, but I believe as I figure out my adex dosage that should level off. Oh, and I get major wood if the subway train rattles too much. Meaning all the time. The main dbol side was, of course, water weight, even with the adex. But it's gone now that I'm off my dbol portion of the cycle. To me, the dbol was worth it. Some say differently.

PCT is basically following (from this site) Prisoner 22's test taper protocol - a two week test stasis period (100mg/week) then a taper of 80/60/40/20. Will start Nolva at the taper.


Im in week 5 of a Test E cycle and Im just curious, shouldnt your stasis period be slightly longer considering your cycle?