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Progress with New Training System

Hi,i now follow doggcrapp style of lifting,its real intense and i now need to eat alot more for big gains.
Anyone else follow it?

Uh oh

I’ll be the first to say it. Back and legs?

oh…its on of THESE threads again…

Aren’t you the same guy who was taking bodybuilding advice from a skinny pakistani dude on bb.com?

Its difficult to make quality gains naturally, when you begin training that late in life so if you want to get somewhere you’re going to need “help”.

I assume you’re attempting an FLS. Your traps need to be depressed and your delts need to stick out on top and humerus turned inward to push your lats out (assuming you have lats)

The fact that you’re soft and hairy makes it look worse than it really is.

oh i’m feeling the love!

Keep at it man. You’re off to a great start. Back and legs please.

You’re just jealous of his lats, admit it.

[quote]1morerep wrote:
oh i’m feeling the love![/quote]

[quote]tribunaldude wrote:
You’re just jealous of his lats, admit it.

1morerep wrote:
oh i’m feeling the love!


ok…u got me

You go man!

yeah, pretty goog gains in the past yr. noticable fat loss and muscle gain, gave you a low number, this is RMP.

but again good job, keep it up