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Progress With Limited Weights?

Hello guys, I’m 18 years old, this is my first post, I’m 139 lb, 5’8 f; and after a whole year without managing to be regular and consistent in my training, I’m finally i’m making it for these last two months, and I feel pretty good about myself, because it’s something I tried so many times and I couldn’t achieve the regularity I was looking for…I believe that I have a solid base; I have a decent technique on the compound lifts, and also on the bodyweights basics. Of course this not takes away that I’m still taking my first steps in this lifting life.

I started in mid February, with a total body routine, training three days a week. Now I’m starting with an upper-lower split, four days a week. Why I changed so fast my routine? Well this is the issue:

I’m really short on weights, and i don’t know how can I progress, being a beginner, with this little handicap…I only have about 70 lb in plates, precisely 69.6 lb. this with two plates of 25 lb, and smaller plates that complete the 19.6 lb. I also have a barbell, a bench, a chin up bar, and two dumbbells. It’s all I have. So I know you guys will understand that it is a little bit frustrating can’t do more than 70 lb on all the big lifts.

As a beginner with just two months of regular training, I don’t know what to do to keep progress.
So I don’t know guys if you can give me some advice to progress with this weights, on this upper-lower split.

PD: An extra question: With the limited weights i have, how much do you think i can improve?

Congratulations on finding consistency and making progress! I’d recommend you read the last six weeks worth of articles on T-nation. There’s tons of great ideas on how to get stronger with little or no weight. I also suggest to think beyond the big 3. Squats might be super easy with the weight you have (again, read the articles on how to incorporate different pauses/tempo techniques to make them hard) but rear foot-elevated split squats with 70 lbs, for instance, or walking lunges, would be way harder with the same weight. You may not be able to bench right now, but can spend a ton of time with pushup variations. Also, you have a pullup bar. Time to get strong as fuck on pullups, which is worth your time even with access to unlimited weights.

I too love lifting heavy (heavy for me anyway) things, so not having access to a gym has been rough. However, it’s forced me to train in new ways, and I’m stronger in some ways than I was before. I’m sure after a few weeks back in the gym I’ll be better than I was before it closed.

To answer your extra question: you can improve A TON with the limited weights you have, especially with only two months training experience. Getting strong on single leg exercises, pushups, and pullups alone would be huge.

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Lots of options,

Pre exhausting with isolation before bigger lifts.
Slow eccentrics.
Isometrics followed by reps.
Higher rep sets.
Bodyweight exercises.

So many options, depending on your goals.

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Everything you could ask for in this thread…

When lock down over run through some Dan John or Wendler programs

High reps + pre-fatigue.

Complexes are not going to get you “big and strong”. But they will help get you “bigger and stronger”.

1 that I do that that is pretty disgusting:

100 press ups and 100 goblet squats (start with 25lb). Warm up then do 1 goblet squat, 1 press up. The 2 of each. Up to 10, then back to 1. That’s 100 of each.
Time it and race your self to improve.
Once the squats are no longer hurting - up the weight by 5/10lb.

It not going to make you Mr Olympia. But add a few pull ups in there and that’s a solid work out.

Also check out T Nation on here about complexes. They need minimal weight. And are a great substitute.

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I like that. I might do that tomorrow.

15 mins is my best. Warning - I avoid this at all cost. I genuinely detest it. If it wasn’t so effective I wount do it.

Thanks man, this motivates me a lot. I had many doubts about this, but you clarified a lot with your comment. Again thanks a lot bro, this is a great help.

Interesting, I’ll give a try

Thanks for the info mate!