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Progress Week 1: 30mg/Day "Anavar," (could be Winny)

Age = 40
Off and on martial arts, weight lifting 18 years
Goal = energy increase, put on muscle, loose fat
Height 5 foot 6
Starting Fat % = 22%
Starting Weight 174lbs (22% fat)
Current Weight 171lbs (1 week of training) 20.5% fat
Calories = 1800/day
Winstrol: 30mg/day

Precautions: fish oil, NAC, Milk Thistle, no fatty red meats, no extra salt, no deserts.
Taking joint care products.

Weight workouts: 3X week (full body)
kickboxing: 1X week (1.5 hours)
wrestling: 1x week (1.5 hours)
running: 40 min 3X a week (pre, post workout, or off days)

Observations: after 3rd day of taking Winny athleticism and endurance increased by
around 20%. Explosive power, and more endurance in the gyms.
By day 7 belly is beginning to tighten up. More energy through the day, the need for afternoon naps has decreased.

Observations of mood: Mood lifted, drive - feel like a teenager. I wake up in the morning NOT tired. Excited to go to the gym.

Digestive Observations: digestion is faster, muscles turning around the food into poo quickly.

Negative Side Effects: None yet Experienced.

PCT - Currently researching from literature. Any suggestions welcomed!

I just ruptured 1320 tendons reading this.


Are you only taking winny 30mg/day? Nothing else? How long are you gonna do this for? What is your pct?

Curious to see how you feel from week 5-8 and during PCT…

I know there is a downfall, and Im going to take pre-cautions. I dont expect to feel great during the 6 weeks off. But, I live a pretty healthy, sports and jogging type life.

No boners for a month, Im totally fine with that. Lower energy, thats fine. Hopefully I wont be too depressed - this is my MAIN worry.

Actually, what Im taking CLAIMS to be Anavar, at 30mg/day. BUT *I assume, theres a 50% or MORE chance its actually Winny.
So, I have dosed accordingly.

YES, just 30mg and NOTHING else.
(I know there are pitfalls to this)
My goal is athletic endurance and drive.

What Im taking CLAIMS to be Anavar, at 30mg/day. BUT *I assume, theres a 50% or MORE chance its actually Winny.
So, I have dosed accord to my needs. 30mg anavar or winny is just fine for my purposes.

I`m doing research now on PCT, have downloaded some books on the subject.

Keeping close note of my joints.
I take fish oil, and something called “Joint care,” its a mixture of various natural products,
along with other joint and liver friendly products.

Additionally, when I work out, I work the muscles, not the joint.
I don`t do full range motions if theres no reason, I keep my mind in the muscles that I work. Slow contractions, isolation work.

I don`T go for heavy lifts and spend nearly 15 minuets just warming up my shoulders.

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Well best of luck to you bro. I def would have suggested having your pct lined up and ready before you started the cycle but as long as obtaining the drugs isn’t a issue I suppose you won’t have a problem. I’d def be interested in an update every few weeks on progress and how you feel… I’m guessing your running an 8 week cycle?

I don’t usually preach to much about the necessity of blood work. But if you are running an 8 week only winny cycle I strongly suggest you get yours checked at the 4 week and maybe even 6 week mark. And def after pct.

I`m going to run 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off…
for those 6 weeks off I have an entire PCT component and Off-cycle game plan as well.
If I notice ANY side effects, will DEFINITELY get blood work.

Here in Canada its pretty much free for basic blood tests.
These tests should be good enough to tell me if anything is out of order

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Completed week 2.
The “anavar,” actually tested as d-bol… in the drug testing kit.
Therefore, I downed dosage to 20mg/day.

*dieting at 1800 calories/day at 170lbs @ 22% fat
**Has anyone dieted using d-bol at 20 mg?

My observations

  • No bloating,
  • No man boobs
  • No boner problems.

Gym regiment

  • Cardio, kickboxing, wrestling 4X a week,
  • Lifting weights 3X week.
  • 1 rest day per week.
    - Super amounts of energy and stamina.

Low dose dbol was my suggestion for your goals in your initial post.


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