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Progress Video!

hey guys, here are videos of me benching 340 and push pressing 230 (both big PRs for me)
198 bw 18 y/o

the bench was my second single, due to the camera man not getting the first attempt, which was much easier.

and here is the push press, which i did right after the bench. input would be much appreciated especially with the press because i just started using leg drive and dont think i have my form down yet


At 18 y/o, nice job man! Dont let anyone tell you different. Keep it up!

thanks alot

i should also mention i havent been doing heavy lower body due to some sciatic pain, so my pressing movements have made significant progress

Some people stay at home with sciatic pain, you chose to work around it and still make progress. Thats how winners workout! kudos

yup, appreciate it