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Progress Update


I just wanted to share some progress. I'm not trying to say these numbers are anything unheard of, but if you look at the progress, it's kind of neat.

Now keep in mind when I bench I keep very nice form, no bouncing it off my chest or anything like that. I'm in complete control the whole time. I come down at a moderate pace then hold for a split second, and then explode.

My best in May of 2005 was 275#. Today 6 months later it improved 295#. How good is a twenty pound improvement in six months? What I changed is my diet.

It currently goes something like this...
3000 plus calories

250 grams of protein

Slow burning carbs through out the day (not sure of exact amount)

After work out:100 grams of simple carbs in the form of fruit, with protein shake
Hour after that I eat my final ?large? meal of the day about 600-800 calories

NO explode 3-4 scoops

BMI Whey Protein

I took 2-two week cycles of MAG-10 well. It ended about 3weeks ago.

For once I really feel like I'm making some decent progress. Now, while I feel the MAG-10 certainly helped. I'm more inclined to say the diet is what really did it.

One more thing, I'm not one of these guys how spends all his time on the bench press, I kind of consider it one of my weaker areas. Probably has something to do with being 6'2" with long arms, I don?t know. I?ve been lifting steady for 2 years now. My goals are recreational body building not power lifting.


Nice progress AK47. You should be proud of any increase, especially as you aren't training for power in that particular lift. I also have crazy long monkey arms that rock in the deadlift, but suck in the bench. What did you do training-wise to see an increase like this?


I just focused on doing reps with 225. I've never been that strong on bench. My legs and back have always been my power points. That's the reason I was kind of amazed when I benched that weight.


any progress as good BUT it seems odd your keeping track of progress by your max bench when it doesnt sound like thats what your training for. At least it seems that way if you focus on reps with 225

I'm sure you have made some other more impressive gains over the past 6 months


Huh. Interesting. Thanks.


Surprised no one has commented on the "NO Explode". The consensus of the writers and most on this site is that NO products are a waste of money. There are better, more "essential" supplements on which you could spend your $.


I like NO explode...I'll use it for about 2 months then take a break from it. Have had some good pumps on it. I don't like reqular creatine though, makes me feel bloooooted.