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Progress Total Sets or Reps?

I started deadlifting like about 3-4 weeks ago . My last workout session`s deadlift best for 5 reps was 202.5 lb . Today I had decided to go for 220 lb at I set of 10 reps .

But I couldn`t do the set properly .It was like 4 reps then about a minute rest then 3 and then 3 .
For not doing the set as decided I pumped out another set of 5 reps properly. so I did a total of 15 reps instead of the original 10 I had intended to do in ONE set . does that make any difference?

(PS: I take jumps of about 20 lb or so every workout in deadlift . Is it ok ? Or is there a better way of progressing ? like should I be random ?

Thanks !


What program are you using? How is your diet?

You have been working out for 3-4 weeks ago? You can’t remember if it has been 3 or 4 weeks?

Specifics are always welcomed.

actually Its 4 weeks =) and I read about stronglifts and Mark Rippetoes book . So mainly I do according to that .

main workout ( excluding about 15 min on pullups and the cables )
workout 1 : squat , Bench press , shrugs .

wk out 2 : deadlift , overhead press

and I take whey protein shake immediately after workout . Try to take in as much protein as calories as I can . I have fat that I want to lose so can`t go overboard in the calorie section . about 3500-4000 cal/day.

Height : 5`8
weight: 176 lb
thigh: 24.5
calves: 14.5
shoulder : 20
chest: 39
neck: 14.5
wrist: 6.5

If you are going to do Starting Strength, then do that.

If you are going to do SL 5X5, then do that (you need to download the spreadsheet from another site, it’s free.)

When you follow the program as is, you will see the progress. It even tells you about your question (if you bought the book).

Don’t change anything for now, just follow the program as is.

Don’t be afraid to eat. Just watch the mirror and adjust accordingly.