Progress To Date,& Shoulder Size?

Since late January, Ive lost 50lbs total weight while almost completely transforming my body. My golds membership is the best thing Ive ever done. I dont know my lean mass or bodyfat, but Im leaner, stronger, and have more muscle mass than I ever have before.

I know Ive got a ways to go, right now Im most concerned about my shoulders, I think theyre way undersized for my frame, and can never be strong enough.

Congratulations on your weight loss…no small accomplishment…!

I encourage you to keep going–making it a lifestyle, not a one-time goal. By now, you’ve probably (hopefully) realized the importance of nutrition in losing fat and gaining or maintaining muscle mass. Master this–nutrition–as it will be the key to future gains/losses.

Keep reading the great articles here at T-Nation, and applying the principles you find, using your body as the proving grounds, and you’ll find what works for you, giving you the desired results.

Good luck…!

Good job on the weight loss, and im glad to see that uve decided to continue to and try to build muscle rather than just losing weight

That being said i dont find ur shoulders to be out of proportion to the rest of u, i just find u to be small overall… i would say at this point dont worry too much about specializing on ur shoulders just do a good solid workout that hits everything with some good compound excercises for a few months… then once uve put on some more muscle mass decide whether or not ur shoulders need some extra attention

just my two cents

Thanks, I know Im small overall, especially for my size, and are keeping me from making gains all around. Im 6’, and 195lbs as of today. I dont think I’ll ever be completely satisfied, but then again, Im guessing most folks on here are the same way.

[quote]TubbyNoMore wrote:
Since late January, Ive lost 50lbs

50 lbs. !! that’s amazing dude…


Tell us your diet and workout.


Great job man, but as stated above. Don’t focus on shoulders you have plenty room to grow. Take this advice tot he bank as well, I was once 50 lbs overweight and lost it. I then spent 3 yrs in search of a six pack and ate like a little girl.

I found the six pack at 144 lbs. But by then I had 0 strength gains and then it took 2 more yrs just to get back to a level where I was above average. So eat my friend and lift hard.

When I first got back into the gym, I was in “go heavy, eat everything” mode, which put on some muscle and I got stronger, but after a while I started wondering what Id look like without some much lard.

I made the mistake of doing the cabbage soup diet, which helped me drop 17lbs in four days, but I know that a hunk of it was muscle. It took me a while to get my strength back. I was doing a workout two of my buddies were doing that I dont have any more, but was chest monday, back tues, etc.

I cut out fast food completely, still havent touched it, and eat my oatmeal and can of tuna first thing in the morning, seven days a week. Recently Ive been doing a powerlifting program, kinda going back to the basics, and the HIIT was very beneficial in helping me lose the weight.

Id like to lose the fat on the sides of my chest, and my saddle bags. My next goal is to be a lean 205. Thanks for the kind words and advice.

[quote]TubbyNoMore wrote:
eat my oatmeal and can of tuna first thing in the morning, seven days a week.

Oatmeal and tuna for 1st meal? 7 days a week? Damn you are dedicated…