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Hey guys

I wanted to get a brief (as you can) background on anyone who will give it

How long have you been training

What were your stats when you started, what are they now

What is your training like

How has it changed in the years of training

I'm trying to gauge where I'm at, for the time I have trained - I've seen some good results on people that just seem too good to believe (great gains and achievements in 2 years vs me)

Trained about 2 years, lost some weight, gained it (amateur bulking), gained some decent form, gained some strength, lost some weight, kept %90 of my strength

Starting to work out what is good or does and doesn't work for me

pity it takes so damn long to work out what to do to get where you want!


I've been training for about 3.5 years.

Stats- Start/Present:
Height- 5'9"
Body Weight- 130lbs/185lbs
Squat- 205lbs/~415lbs
Front Squat- 185lbs/320lbs
DL- 315lbs/430lbs
Bench- 200lbs/330lbs

My training in the begginning mainly consisted of silly routines that I created. Lots of arm, back, and a little chest work. Workouts would last over an hour, three days a week. My diet consisted of 2 meals a day, with probably more supplements than food.

Now, I train six days a week for about 30-40 minutes. In 2009, I did more powerlifting stuff, it helped my lifts, but I didn't grow. I eat 5 large meals a day now and only take fish oil, a multi-vit, and a quality protein that is 5 lbs for $25. I train my legs more than anything else now. The trickiest part for me is the diet, of course. There have been times where I haven't been able to get everything I wanted just due to my schedule over the years, but its cool-- I feel I am making steady smooth progress. There has been some trial and error, but the most important thing is, I still look forward to getting in the gym and enjoy lifting :slightly_smiling:


I've been training for 1.5 years

I'm 6'1
Bench was: 185 Now: 240
Squat was: 275 Now: 330
Clean was: 175 Now: 235

For a while I was really lazy and didn't get too much activity other than practice for sports, where I played Goalie or Catcher... As you can imagine, this didn't do too much good for me since I never moved a whole lot. Over the last 1.5 years I've gotten big into lifting weights and I love working out. The gains have been so big since I was always a big kid, but I never worked out so when I started working out I built muscle fast.

I made my own routines early on focusing, poorly, on the chest and occasionally legs. Then I went through football training and learned more exercies and form. After football, I was focused on building a better upper body so I stopped working my legs as much. Recently I've gone back to normal and I'm back on the right track.


I've been training for 5 years.

I'm 5'10", 29 years old.

I started out extremely obese,285 lbs, uncountable body fat percentage and severe atrophy in my triceps, glutes, lats, traps and rhomboids due to a very sedentary job and lifestyle.

I'm currently 190lbs with body fat in the low teens (I haven't done 'proper' measurements, but I have visible separation in forearms, deltoids, chest, calves, thighs and back, I can see my top 3 rows of abs and vascularity in arms, chest, shoulders, neck and calves).

In getting to where I am now I've also rehabbed from two serious car accidents and two nasty slip and fall injuries. I've also got persistent tendonitis in my elbows which limits my direct arm work.

I lift primarily for physique and general athleticism.

My current routine is 3 days on, one day off, 3 days on. I work in multiple rep ranges, cycling them between workouts (3-5, 8-12, 15+). My workouts are quick (under 30 minutes) and I work close to my max in any given rep range. My only conditioning comes from hiking and walking.

There are some gaps in my routine as I'm still working around an injury to my right knee and elbow issues.

I usually hit the gym on an empty stomach, sip a protein shake with creatine and luceine during my workout and eat my first real meal afterwards. My diet is high protein, high fat, low carb with most of my carbs coming from fruits and vegetables. I'm pretty much at my desired weight, so my primary interest is body recomposition.


Some nice gains there evolv - has it been a clean bulk all the time or have you bulked and cut some.

Laxbro are those 1rep max numbers? some nice gains for 1.5yrs training

atg410, sounds like a real battle to get there - the rehab work alone sounds like a challenge!

do you all feel that you have progressed at the rate you thought you would? I feel its slower, but its possible I'm not doing it often enough (4-5 days a week, 45mins to 1hr session with a 10-20min HIT cardio session after weights)

what would you say your intensity level is when lifting?

or does it always vary - session / weekly


I am pretty happy with my results in general, but certainly I could have done without the injuries. That said, rehabing my neck, back and hips after my accidents taught me a lot about training my back and I am now stronger and tougher than I ever was pre car crash.

I try to keep my intensity level very high both in terms of focus/drive and weight on the bar, this is why I'm keeping workouts short. If I worked out for an hour per session I don't think I would get nearly the same volume of work done in a week.

Of course things vary, I'm a college student so there have been weeks that I've just had to give up in order to get school work done. Likewise I'm more likely to focus on conditioning in the summer and likely to spend more time in the gym in the winter. Family stuff comes up as well. I think that the important lesson is to realize that you literally have your entire life to do this. Unless you're a competitive athlete there are no deadlines. Just keep your goals in mind, deal with what ever comes up and get back to work when you can, know what I mean?

If you feel that your progress is stalling or coming too slowly you should evaluate what you're doing. Is your current progam, diet etc. truly suited to your goals? Do you frequently miss reps or skip exercises? That sort of thing, keep a critical eye on your training and you can likely figure out what's holding you back and get through it.


I forgot to mention my split above. I started out on a total body routine and currently use a 3 way split with a focus on my lats. day 1 is legs and low back, day 2 is dedicated to lats and day 3 is chest, shoulders and upper back. I know it's not a very common split, but dividing my back work between 3 seperate days has really helped with recovery and growth.


25, 6'1, 193lbs, bf in low teens

at 21 was about 170-175 with slightly higher bf

been training for about 4 years, but first two were all over the place

age 21-23: twink workouts
when i first started working out, me and my buddy would go to the university gym with no plan, do a lot of arms and chest work, and maybe some leg press. i was always scared to do any serious leg workouts because my quads would get really sore. i eventually began doing deadlifts, and got 315, but still rarely look leg training seriously. it didn't help that i moved from canada to england in aug 2007 to teach, and was then back and forth inbetween doing my honours at home and visiting in england in the spring of 2009. i played a lot of rugby, and did a ton of running, so it was hard to put on much meat working out in a very limited school gym during that time. weight was in the low 180s

age 23-24: starting to figure it out
read a lot of stuff from joe defranco's website, began to take lower body training seriously. stopped having people "spot" me on lifts and started doing everything through a full ROM. chinups and dips were a weakness, so did a lot of them. got dl up to 365 (form wasn't that tight), could finally squat 225 and had bench around 200 or so

24-present: tmuscle
after reading a ton of stuff on tmuscle, i adopted a much more intelligent approach to my training. after last year's rugby season (goes from sept-mid november up here), began structuring workouts around ws4sb. just recently, i've started using 531 for my squat progressions and may do the same for deads and maybe bench. have been using thibideau's "overhead-incline-flat" model for my pressing workouts. my immediate goals are to take my eating more seriously, as there are some days where i get lazy and don't eat enough, and to learn the power snatch.
my current 1rm are:
dl: 405
squat: 335
bench: 225
powerclean: 205
front squat: 245
weighted chin: bw + 90

that became a novel, hope you like it


Ya, these are 1 rep maxes... I haven't done 3 rep max in a while. And thanks


Thanks for the input guys

Nice history there get-it-done, seems like you have it worked out

they do say you cant out train a crap diet

I think I am pretty much in a halfway place at present, I don't want to loose muscle and strength but I am trying to loose some extra fat

two different goals.....

And I think that's holding me back progress wise

I'll have to nail down the one goal

Bench 200 (used to be 231)
Squat 248 (did get to 308)
Dead 257 (did get to 319)

When I did the higher 1rep's I was 189lbs but a bit of that was around the waist


Those weights, are those your present lifts? And which goal do you think your going to attack first?


Absolutely pick a single goal and run with it. I focused on fat loss for a very long time until I realized that I didn't actually like the way that my body was looking. Once I got my body fat into the mid teens I stopped worrying so much about it and have since focused on getting stronger in my lifts and making sure that I am hitting the muscles that need the work from a physique perspective. I'm much happier with my results.


current lifts yep - they are the result of not eating to bulk (or cut really) and after 4 week holiday the lift numbers went down. going to cut down I think as first goal. when I started squats about 1 yr ago I was doing about 110x10rep so it's not terrible progress - I had to learn form etc.

if I drop a few lbs I can bulk cleanly and keep an eye on progress better I think


:wink: I think you have your bf % to a better level than I do - I can't see much more than the faint outline of the top of the top abs! that's still up in the %22-25 estimate.

I'll need to be down around 158 - 165 I think at my height before bulking again


Replies not working....


To be totally honest, if your goal is to end up large and muscular I would stop trying to cut down. It doesn't sound like you are morbidly obese, and you aren't trying to step onto a stage anytime soon, so why worry about a difference in body fat level that is purely aesthetic?

My advice would be for you to focus on getting your lifts up, add in more activity over all, especially low intensity conditioning (hiking/treking on uneven or difficult terain would be my main suggestion) and eat plenty of protein and enough food overall to support your activity level. Don't worry about "bulking" at the moment, your body has a built in caloric surplus in the form of a fairly significant amount of body fat. Just workout hard and consistantly (don't miss workouts, don't miss reps, keep making progress) and eat good food and you will see great results.


Thanks man, I've mainly just ate whatever has been available to me. I don't eat any type of sweets though, so no cake, brownies, doughnuts, stuff like that-- mainly out of choice, don't like them. However, I don't think twice about eating fast food if that is all I have time for. I've done a "mini-cut" just to try it, it was just a month long experiment. Otherwise, I've just ate above maintenance for the most part, nothing insane, but a consistent 3800-4200 calories per day.

My gains have been anything but linear, no where near linear. I will go months sometimes with minimal gains, and then I figure out something to change and they will explode through the roof. My intensity levels varies from day to day. Sometimes I can get in there and squat 315 for reps on every set, then the next time only 265 for the same number. I've just learned to listen to how I feel with an honest view that is :slight_smile:

Today is a great example actually, I woke up at 6:30 AM, and only got 6 hours of sleep and got to work the rest of the day after training. Today is my sixth day of training this week, and my sixth day in a row of trainig my back, legs, and chest (great program I am doing btw!). So I really feel like crap, but I'll still get in there and just try to do my best.