Progress Stalling: Push Harder or Back Off?

Lately it seems no matter how much I eat or push myself my gains(whether in strength or size) have completely stalled or even regress. I’ve started a new 2times a week program to replace my usual bodypart once a week split.

For example my squat would be 150kg for a few reps one week down to 140 the next, with 150 feeling like 200 on my back, I know neither are massive weights haha

DOMS has been sky high for some reason aswell

I was thinking, should I smash myself into the ground for a weeks not looking for higher poundages but intensity, then lay off for a bit to supercompensate?

Or should I take maybe a few days off now to give my muscles a break, then get back into again?

It would be cool to know your current routine/diet before giving advice on what you should do next.

YOU may benefit from a week off if your strength levels have gotten erratic. Someone once told me that pizza is the best cure for CNS/adrenal fatigue so take a few days off and have a meal at CiCi’s perhaps.

Mind you, this is advice I’m aiming only at YOU since I read your earlier thread and have an idea about how hard you train. Most halfwits stalling need to swill some coffee pre-workout, learn to push harder or get a good training partner and maybe raise their cals/protein.

Thanks tribunaldude, might have to take a break afterall

Try a deload week. Same weight with less volume.

Or some time off. Both have benefits.