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Progress Stalled, Selecting a Program

I’m not exactly sure if I should post this here or in the bodybuilding section. I’ve been lifting seriously for almost 2 years now, but still consider myself to be a beginner.

Anyway, here lately progress has stalled and its time for me to start a new program. I’ve been considering CT’s OVT, SOB by Waterbury, or ABBH 1 by Waterbury as well. I’m leaning more towards OVT.
I’m 6’ right around 195 depending on the day. My diet is around 4200-4500 cal. Ultimate goal is to get up to 225 at around 8-9% bf.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Look. There is no shortage of routines to pick from. It is sick the amount of information, science, supplements and routines that it paralyzes us. I’ve fallen victim to it myself, mulling over the so called perfect routine, the perfect diet, blah blah blah. I’m willing to bet that someone who has an average diet, without supplementation Who trains consistently for years is probably going to make the same gains and progress as someone who has an over thought out diet and spent a ton of money on supplements.

Training consistently and for a long duration of time will yield. One thing you need to realize is that not everyone progresses at the same rapid rate that is so often spoken of in these forums and articles. In fact I’m willing to bet that sort of progress that we all strive to attain exist only in a very small percentage, nonetheless that is not the point I’m trying to make. You said you have been training for 2 years, that is really not a very long time at all in grand scheme of things. In addition I think you are in the right mind to still call yourself a beginner.

I am going to pull a paraphrased quote from Jim Wendler, who said, If you take the 10 strongest guys in the world and find out what 3 things they all did to get there, it would be that they all do some variation of squat bench or deadlift, they lifted for a shit ton of time and they had a great attitude towards training.

I’m probably full of shit anyway, but I would strongly recommend pulling up youtube and taking the time to watch Jim Wendler at The Big Seminar. Its an ElitFTS thing. I am not pushing them, but I did find that the things he says in these videos, especially Pt. 2, to be very practical an down to earth. Take it for what its worth. Keep lifting, stick to the basics, and put your time in. Good luck to you.

Thanks! Anyone else have any recommendation as to the programs listed?

I tried SOB, but it was a pain in the ass to calculate % on so many exercises…I’ve never tried it again!
What program are you stalling on? A good idea would be to switch to something completely different, as Thibaudeau outlined in his “Mirror Training”:

http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/up_for_a_quickie (page 2 of the article)

I’ve currently been doing a split. Back/Chest, Bi/Tri, Shoulders, Legs. Reps are in the 4x6, 3x8 range. I’m not totally new to lifting, but I’ve only been really serious for about 2 years or so. Thanks for the link to Thib’s article. I think I just need to scrap everything like the article says.