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Progress So Far!


Hey guys, first off I wanna thank alot of you for helping me out, finding programs and overall just giving me confidence to do the best I can.

Anyways, I had a GREAT! work out today, best one I have had EVER.

I started out with bench and then moved on to some cleans, and had a good time with them.

Then decided that I was ganna go do some DL.

So I slap on a 45 on each side and get warmed up, then moved up to a 35 on each side, then I was like,I'm ganna go for it today, so I got 2 45's on each side and added a 10 to each side as well.

Lifted it, got my shoulders back, and wham 245. Felt so good after I got it, I had my buddy, (he has been lifting for about 4 years) with me and he said my technique was great and that the lift was overal an A+.

So just wnated to thank you guys for all the info, and good stuff you have told me to come along so far, and I can only keep going up from here.

Thanks alot!


P.S. Before I could barely do 195 for a DL, so I'm deffinetly seeing some gains, thanks!


You're welcome! I taught everyone at T-Nation everything :wink:

Yeah, deadlifting is fun in the beginning. At first you can hardly budge 135, then after a few weeks you are warming up with 275.




Oh, I forgot to finish the story, then you are stuck at 335lbs for months.


Ya, the progress has been great, along with the 12 pounds I've packed on, I'm looking to get up to about 165-170 by the end of Febuary.


Good stuff mate. Keep that technique perfect and try to keep progressing slowly and you'll be dangerous.

Technique has to come before everything else on the big lifts. Keep it going.