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Progress So Far on TRT


Bottom line. Started about 1 year ago, equipment problems, depressed, low energy. I had no clue what was going on but the wife did. I never would have guessed low T. I've built a lot of muscle over the years. Diagnosis, low T: level was 190.

So now I'm 2 months into this. I started with 2cc every three weeks and I'll tell you the truth, I felt good for about 5 days and then I could feel it wearing off. I told the doctor about it and he increased it to 2cc every two weeks. I still feel like poo after the 5th to 6th day. I will say there's a difference in the libido. In the gym, I don't feel any stronger but I do see changes in muscle size and pump. I also feel "fuller" outside the gym.

My diet is good. I guess i'm trying to see what I can expect down the road. I was thinking about asking the doc to give me 2cc every week. What do you guys think?

currently on Test cyp