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Progress So Far, Any Recommendations?

Hey guys, end of first week of second cycle. Just one thing i want someone to tell me this is a good thing or bad thing so i can move forward!

For OHP and bench, my reps are really high
ohp: 1st week 115x11, 2nd week 120x14, 3rd week 125x14/this week: 115x15.
bench 160x16, 170x18, 180x17/ this week 165x20

Is this a good thing that my reps are 17+ on 531 week? Does this sound like im making progress or spinning my wheels?

Yes, increase your TM and keep moving forward, don’t overthink it.

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You’re lifting a higher weight for more reps. What is your definition of progress if not that?

very true! i see this as progress just wanted approval and/or clarification i guess lol

As Despade pointed:

After the first cycle 115 x 11, you did the next cycle 115 x 15.
What puzzles me is that you apparently did 125 x 14 the week before.
You have to raise your traning max and not use the same weight.
Well i quess that’s a typo and you did 120 x 15, wich is an increase by 1 rep compared to that 3’s week at 120 x 14.
So progress what more do you want.
You will get bigger and stronger, your weights will steadily go up AND you will at some point stall out.
Stay focused, get your head down, keep doing 5/3/1 for a year.
It’s kind off boring, it’s the same lifts almost the same weights and reps. BUT consistency is the game. And you can play with assistance for different stuff. Change it every cycle or keep it for a couple.

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it wasnt a typo. I increased tm by 5lbs for ohp and bench like it says. This month the 5s week stayed at 115. 125x14 is my current best and is better than 115x15 BUT, after the deload week, I dont think is anyone is primed to be at there absolute best. I think this is what JIm means by taking 1 step back but 2 steps forward (something like that) and by the 2nd and 3rd week of each cycle i can expect more accurate rep max PRs.

I misread that.
from 11 reps to 15 reps, that’s a huge progress.
Keep up the good work.
Guess you’re about 20 years old.
Stay the course, play with assistance work.
Lots of Chins and pull ups do some dips as well.
Have fun thats the important part

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thanks man!