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Progress Slowed

Over the last few months I have made exceptional gains in strength and size(I’m a beginner) with proper diet and training. I dont count calories but I eat like a horse(huge amounts) and am never really hungry(eat all the time). My training is a 4 day split that goes:

Thurs:back and bi’s
Sat: start over

Until 2 weeks ago the gains were coming good(really fast and consistant). However since then it seems like I have made zero gains and have even lost weight! I haven’t changed anything with my eating and trianing.

I don’t really know what to do? should I eat more(very difficult)? change my training? Or just wait it out for a bit and see what happens?

You could be overtraining… 4 days in a row of lifting with only one rest day out of 5 days (unless you mean out of 7, which would still be over training) is overtraining.

Take a program from here, you’ve made your newbie strength gains. Now, naturally, things will start to slow down.

It could be time for a new challenge to adapt to. I remember reading something about changing before the curve flattens out, that way you achieve a relatively continuous rate of progress. I wouldn’t wait it out.
Have you developed an inclination toward any certain style of training?

Also you cant expect linear progress in either strength or growth. It comes in spurts.

Maybe a good time for a change, even if slight, in routine and MORE FOOD.

Thanks guys. I will make some changes to my routine. I tend to lean towards heavy compound movements and almost never isolate a muscle group.