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Progress Since T-Nation Eye Opener

Slimming down from 320 --> 220 pounds was easy. moving my body at all, combined with not drinking 20 pints a night every night, and basically not eating like an idiot worked.

at a certain stage you have to decide whether you are happy with all the praise and ‘inspiration’ you have given others to do the same, and if that is enough to leave yourself in ‘chubby’ normalcy.
or you can decide that there is no point stopping 2/3 way through the race and persevere to ‘the finish’.

3 months later you realise that 220 pounds is in fact only about 1/3 - 1/2 of the race, as you plateau and lose maybe a pound or two in 3 months.

then you sign up to T-Nation and bam!! Hope this inspires some newcomers to T-Nation:

Heres an update on what ive done since i first joined T-Nation about 6 weeks ago:
please feel free to critique any non optimal choices ive made.
what im doing here is working for me so i dont feel the need to change it, however i may plateau again soon so ill be

looking for suggestions to kick it up another notch if and when that happens ;]

Workout Day:
7.00am = 2 egg + 2 egg white omlette, onion/red pepper. 1 chicken breast with skin.

10.00am = Multivit+min, Omega 3, Omega 369, green tea extract.

500g turkey, 3 cups green veg(brocolli, asparagus, green beans usually), 1 cup mushrooms or tomatos. 1 tblsp coconut oil, 1

tblsp olive/flax oil. - Divided in 3 and eaten at 10am, 12noon, 3pm.

6.00pm = Whey Protein + water. (whilst working out)

7.00pm = PWO shake - berries/banana, semiskimmed milk, oats, whey powder.

8.00pm = either fish/chicken/beef (alternating), 2 cups green veg, 1 cup mushrooms/tomatos, 1 tblsp of either

olive/coconut/flax oil

green tea extract with each meal.
Non workout day is the same but without the whey protein and water and without the PWO shake.

below is my fitday.com breakdown (not including fish oil suppliments) Over 1 month, including carb+cheat days.

grams 	cals 	%total 

Total: 2510
Fat: 104 932 39%
Sat: 31 277 12%
Poly: 13 117 5%
Mono: 28 248 10%
Carbs: 147 488 20%
Fiber: 25 0 0%
Prot: 238 953 40%
Alcohol:5 35 1%

at 6 foot 1 inch and 204pounds 19% BF my recommended intake in cals was 3300 ish, and after removing 20% of that for fat

loss purposes i ended up with 2670 ish.
so im quite close with my average cal intake of 2500.

1 day HIIT (6 circuits of 200m dash, 6 burpees, 12 push ups, 24 squats - all bodyweight only)
1 day Core bodyweight exercises (20 or so exercises(e.g front and side planks, rhomboid raises, lunges with side twist), 30

reps each, back to back - no rest)
1 day rest.

rinse and repeat above 3 days, with cheat/carb reload day every 10 days(on a rest day)

starting stats:
205 pounds
waist 36 inches
thigh 24.0
upper arm 14.5
Chest 43.5

18.62% bf

(166.829 lean mass)

1 month on:

weight 202 pounds
waist= 34.3 inches
chest= 43
thigh= 24
upper arm = 14.2

15.53% fat

(170.6 lean mass)

so following the above program for 1 month - ive lost about 6-7 pounds of fat and gained about 4 pounds of muscle. Also i struggled to do half the proscribed work outs in the 1st week, now i can complete them, and am shaving 30 secs off my HIIT total time every week.

ill be posting new pics on the ‘rate my physique’ thread i started 1 month ago, after the completion of my 2nd month on this programme.