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Progress Report

What’s up T-men? I just wanted to post my progress as of late. I’m currently following Poliquin’s 6x2(4) method and have been doing fairly well. I’m on my third week and have already hit three or four reps on most exercises. Although, I seem to be stuck on overhead presses at this time.

I’m also slowly dieting down to get lean. So far, I’ve lost 5lbs and my abs are beginning to come out. Unfortunately, I still have more to lose on my sides (love handles) but a little more time, and I should have it! My lifting was a bit off last week due to a conference in Atlanta, but I still managed to get all my workouts. This week is also a bit jumbled, but I’ll get all my weight workouts in. I’ve just had less cardio the last two weeks. I’m currently following the MRP diet using 3-4 Grow shakes in addition to two solid meals a day (and Surge after workouts). I’ll be doing this for 2-3 weeks before I begin eating more regular food. I will also be taking T2 and MD6 beginning Friday.

Yesterday’s workout was as follows. Deadlifts (265x4,4,3,3,3,3), Seated Rows (160x4,4,3,3,3,3), Overhead press (115x2,2,2,2,1,1), Dumbbell lateral raises (15x12,10,8,8). I’m actually doing back-to-back workouts because I didn’t make it Monday, so today I’ll be doing Weighted chins (bw+25x4,4,4,4,4,4), Close-grip benches (170x2,3,4???), Clean pulls (225x4,4,4,4,4,4) and additional triceps work (dumbbell extensions, pressdowns, dips). On Friday, I’ll hit front squats (175x3,3,3,3,3,3) followed immediately by back squats with the same weight for four reps. Then I’ll do Power cleans (135x5,5,5,5), and finish off with a high rep set of squats with the power clean weight and then proceed to do a little biceps work (hammer, dumbbell curls). Next week is my last week of this set/rep scheme. I’ll have a week off while on vacation and then come back and begin Staley’s Convergent Phase Training. So all is well at this time. Still increasing or maintaining strength while slowly trimming down.

Nate Dogg - sounds like you’re doing pretty well so far…it’s always good when you can get stronger when cutting down. One thing i’ve found that helps bump up my overhead presses is doing some sort of push press/olympic jerk for my last two sets of presses. This really causes your shoulders to work overtime and has led to some good strength gains for me in the past. good luck, and keep cuttin down…

So you’re working how many bodyparts per workout wiht how many different exercises?

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Cam, it’s interesting that you mentioned doing push presses or jerks on the last sets. I have just realized that I will need to do that since I’m having trouble getting through this sticking point. So my next workout will involve some jerks for the last few sets and reps! Thanks for the tip! It came just in time. And I’m slowly leaning out. I expect the next four weeks to be when I get nice and lean! I’ll let you know how I do. I hope to take new photos when I get where I want to be. But remember, I won’t be looking all big! I’m 5’4" and currently 145lbs. I’ll probably be around 140lbs and about 7-8% bodyfat. We’ll have to see! So I’m built more like a gymnast or athlete in a lighter weight class.

MB Eric, my current training split is as follows. Monday: Deadlifts, seated rows, overhead presses (six sets of 2-4 reps). I finish with some lateral raises for reps. Wednesday: Weighted chins, close-grip benches, clean pulls (six sets of 2-4 reps). I finish with triceps work (extensions, dips, pushdowns) for reps. Friday: Front squats followed immediately with back squats, power cleans (six sets of 2-4 reps). I finish with biceps exercises for reps (hammer, dumbbell curls).

So I pretty much do one main exercise per bodypart. I've divided it up the "Ian King" way (horizontal pushing/pulling, vertical pushing/pulling, hip/quad dominant, arms). I decided to throw in extra shoulder and arm work because those are weak areas for me. And since I'm trying to increase functional strength, the main exercises are helping to do that. But I need the extra reps for arms and shoulders to try and bring them up to par. I only have one more week of this. Then I'll do Staley's Convergent Phase Training. Although, I have made changes to the original workout so it will suit my needs. I'll talk about that more once I begin doing it! :)

Nate, I don’t know for sure bud, but it sounds like the overhead pressing issue is due to the workout schedule. I mean, heavy deadlifts take so much out of me that I usually reserve a day for them alone, or maybe deads and shrugs only. But to then combine that with the other two exercises you mentioned I would be “dead” by the time I got around to any pressing. On another note, the Poliquin program you mentioned is highly effective.

Dave, you are correct. As I had my overhead presses originally scheduled on my second training day when I was doing the 5x5 method. That’s when I was making steady progress. Once I changed it to my deadlift/seated row day, I noticed that I was quite fatigued when I got to the presses. But that will change soon. One more week to go. Then I have a week off, and then it’s time for Staley’s program. And yes, Poliquin’s 6x2(4) method is working well so far!

Sounds like good work. Ive gone over the whole thing and have only 2 points 1> you could lateral raise double that weight with good enough control 2> You will get diminishing strength returns over time but need to increase resistance AND “OVER EAT” to get big. This is whoppers “do the minimum to force an adaptation” theorum. I think the time is approaching for a serious massive eating/10-15 rep cycle of at least 2-3 weeks. Id be thrilled if you would throw in 5-10 grams of creatine in warm water cause I convinced it should be the shiznit for any lifter.

Dre, thanks for the feedback! You’re right, I could handle more weight on the lateral raises. I’m just totally burned out by the time I do them. So I just try to pump with light weight. And I should use creatine. I know it will help with strength gains. As for eating massively, I’m not ready to do that yet. I am still not as lean as I want to be yet. So I’m still working on getting shredded. I’ve taken a very slow route to getting lean. It’s working, but it is taking a while. I’m bumping things up now. I just started taking MD6 and T2 again. And I’m keeping the calories down while I bump up the cardio. I’m hoping to be nice and lean within the next 3-4 weeks. Then I’ll hold that condition for a short time as I slowly start to up my calories again. I just want to be lean again. It’s been so long since I’ve been shredded. And I’d like to stay like that for more than a couple weeks each year.