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Progress Report

I have successfully been lifting for 4 solid months now and I just wanted to post the results.

In the past I would spend maybe two weeks lifting and then I would find excuses not to lift. While I was not grossly out of shape ( ran 3-5 miles about 3 times a week) I was in need of help. I found this site in December and since then I have been reading everything that I can and applying it in the gym.

Starting stats: Dec 12, 2004
BW 185 BF ? 15-20 I had some love handles and a small belly.

Bench 1RM 150
DL 1RM 225
Chin-up (lat pulldown chin grip) 160 1RM
Squats (slightly below parallel) 240

Stats as of 03/15/2005

BW 180 BF ? 12-16%
Bench 1RM 195
DL 1RM 315
Chinup 1RM 220
Squat 1RM 300

I have used
6 weeks of TBT
5 weeks of a hybrid of 10x3 and TBT
3 weeks of OLAD with some extras thrown in.

I plan to run through hybrid hypertrophy next while eating everything in the house.

2 g of Vitamin C
1 tbs of cod liver oil (yum!)
1 scoop Low-Carb Grow!
2-3 Spikes 45-60 min before lifting
Occasionally 1 tbs of milled flax.

my post workout is 1 scoop Grow! with 32 oz of skim milk.

My diet is pretty random. I typically hover around 2000 kcal/day. But there are the random days that I get around 4000 kcal or 1000 kcal.

My goals are fairly simple.

  1. I want to get some control over my diet. I dont really like sweets and I have knocked out my desire for salty junk food. I eat a lot of lean meats but I also eat a lot of high GI carbs, pasta, potatoes, rice. I eat very few veggies and even fewer fruits. I was doing pretty well on the veggies but then got sick of eating brocolli all the time. The summer months will help kick those back up.

  2. I want to continue going to the gym 3-5 times a week, depending on the program. I want to continue to add weight to the bar.

Eventually I want to bench in the 300’s squat in the 400’s and dead 500’s.

  1. I want to get to and maintain a BF around 8-12% preferrebly on the lower end!

I think I am heading in the right direction and I know that this will take some time to accomplish.

I plan to seriously bulk over the next 4 weeks and then I am going to cut some fat. I figure during that period I will do OLAD again and use some of the cutting knowledge I have from my days as a wrestler. I will lose some muscle but I don’t think it will be too much since I plan to cut for about a month.

I just need to get my diet in check and keep it there!

Sorry about the long ass post!


Keep it up.

Just one simple suggestion.

Change all those “I wants,” To “I wills” Make them musts and you WILL do it.

Keep going, once again GREAT WORK and congrats,