Progress Report

I wanted to give an update because I’m pretty excited about the progress. Thanks to everyone here at the forum I’ve been able to accelerate my weightloss goals.

I’ve gotten my diet down and I’ve been keeping a food log. I’ve been doing EDT for bulking for about two months. I figured since I haven’t trained hard in 3 years I decided to try to build and lose fat.

I’ve been losing about 3 pounds of fat a week while I’ve been putting on about 1 pound of muscle a week. I know this is newbie like progress but I’m excited about it. Weightloss hasn’t come off this quickly for me ever!

People are commenting about how big I’m getting. My shirts are tight and my arms are bigger.

Anyhow, when this weight loss slows and I know it will. What do you do? I’m currently 309 around 29% BF. I’ve been consuming

2800/300/175/90 on training days
2400/300/100/90 on non training days.

What do you decrease your calories by?

At what point would anyone recommend doing a fat loss weight training plan?

Thanks if you have any advice.



Great work, Keep it up.

as far as the loss slowing and such. A good general amount to lower is to drop an additional 250 k/cals. Then stay there till it halts again.

I would also like to add that it may be a good idea when your loss does stop. You consider giving yourself a break. Eating at your new maintenence level. Simply to give your metabolism a break and body in general from being in a hypocaloric state so long. Maybe even up cals 100 a day.

As far as changing to a weight loss program. Na. Any good program done correctly will help you lose weight. More important is you change the stimulus up so you keep building/maintaining muscle.

hope that helps,


What do you mean by letting my body rest from its hypocaloric deficit? Are you saying that when I plateau on my current diet to stay there for like a week before lowering my KCals by 250 a day?

I’m a little unclear here.

As far as a routine then, I’d like to try ABBH after EDT, or would Meltdown training be a better choice?

I’m going on a vacation in 6 weeks there I won’t be able to workout. Maybe that will be a good break for me.

Thanks man,



I just wanted to congratulate you on your accomplishment! You have the guts to do what many others only dream about. Keep up the great job!

Yes, what I was saying is stop dieting for a week or two. Give yourself a break. Let your metabolism rebound after it long period of supression. That is why maybe even up the k/cal 100 or so. Then after the break drop down 250 below where you were and go for another round of loss.

Either program you said would be great. If you havent done ABBH give it a go. I loved it.

good luck, hope this helped clear some things up. and keep up the good work.


Great Job Walleye49!

just keep going

Thanks Zeb and Phil,

I’m thinking my vacation will be the time for a good break. I won’t be able to train for 7 days. I’m thinking I will do 2 weeks of 2 a days before I go. I got some Mag-10 saved up and I’ll use it on the 2 a days. That won’t be until June though.

Do you recommend doing the Growth Surge program that came with the Bottles of Mag-10?

Thanks for all the encouragement.


Sounds good,

As far as the Growth Surge, yes in my opinion. I really liked it while doing a Mag-10 cycle.


About the Mag-10 growth surge project.

I calculated my daily KCAL based on the growth surge article. I’m supposed to consume 6400 calories a day!!!

Did you follow their recommendations on the massive eating? What do you think knowing that I’m not a hard gainer could I back this off a little? I just don’t want to gain 10 pounds of fat on this thing.




GLAD you asked that ?.

The k/cal intake is the one area I did adjust it. I simply cant follow those calculations without way to much fat gain.

If I remember correctly I upped my intake to 500 over maint. during my run of it. Maybe a little higher.

I suggest basing your intake off your maint. intake. Go up 500+ or so and up the carb and protein intake. Limit your fats, but be sure to get in your EFA’s.

While I am on cycle I simply drop one P+F meal and add a P+c for the added carbs that are much needed.

Then during PCT raise the fats up to help get those T-levels straight again.

Hope that helps,
Anything further just ask.


I’m not sure what my maintenence level is. Is there a way to calculate this?

Plus tell me if you think this is a good idea. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about doing the growth surge project.

After dieting for 6 weeks I’ve been sleeping a lot more just to recover and feel good. I think it’s because my body needs more rest to recover on less calories. What I’m thinking about the growth surge is that I’ll be able to shock my body, raise my metabolism, and then go back to dieting for six weeks.

Do you know of any articles about this? I’m thinking this type of shock could keep my fat loss going for a longer period of time.




As far as you maint. k/cal goes no one can tell you this but you. You find it by consistantly logging your intake and finding at what point you neither lose or gain, on the current diet you are on. It can change with different macro breakdown and such. Just something you need to find.

As far as you plan yes it sounds solid. As far as an article I dont have any on hand. I am sure I do on my PC but it is currently trying to be saved.

The plan though sounds much like the way Growth Surge is laid out. With the difference being your priming stage will be longer.

Another example you might take a look at is the cycle I am on right now. It is on the steriod forum. I started it with 6 weeks of cutting, then now I am on day two of the PH higher k/cal intake.

Yes the hope is it will shock growth, and will boost your metabolism through the roof.

Hope that helps,