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Progress Report - Power Stack

I was wondering how everyone’s Power Stack is working out for them. Unfortunetly, I had was running a temp over the weekend and that really drained me. However, the good news is I was feeling better tonight and I was able to stay focused and still have a decent workout. It wasn’t a balls to the wall workout, but I know I was able to push myself more that I usually can coming off of an illness. I don’t have time to write much now, but I will post again later in the week.

Has anyone else started their power stacks or is it just me? :slight_smile: I didn’t have time to mention this on my last post, but the Tribex and M are definately making an impact too. I had just come off a long pro-steroid cycle a few weeks ago. I was using one of the new “anti-estrogen” products out which worked really well. After I ran out my libido wasn’t quite up to par, but it is definately back up were it should be… and then some. :slight_smile: I’ve used Tribex in the past and I know it works, but I definately think this new formula is a step ahead of the older versions. My muscles seem to feel a little harder lately too. I don’t know if that is due to reduced estrogen levels or higher natural t levels or a combination of the two. Either way, my muscles definately feel harder.

I am going to wait another week, I don’t know if I caught another bug or this one is just a tough one (it’s been three weeks). iwas feeling better last week, but started feeling crappy over the weekend. I’m not starting till fully recovered.

I just started yesterday. I too was just getting done being sick for a week, but yesterday was balls to the wall. I don’t know if it is just me but the first two days of M has always made me piss like every ten minutes, this morning I woke up looking noticably harder. Just the initial loss of water associated with the E. Another thing I would like to comment on is the ammount of fight the PD has always tended to give me, and definatley more with a double shot, when knocking out the last few reps. For example I’m using the RR&D program now and the seated half press is always a bitch when coming out of the bottom with no momentum, but the last couple of rep went when otherwise I just fold under the resistance. This is gonna be a fun trip, and I’ll keep the T-folk informed on the progress.

I began my Power Stackin’ today, in the 9th week of Ian King’s “Limping Into” series. I beleive “oh lordy muthafucka” would suffice for the rush I felt throughout my Squatin’ fun and subsequent annihilation of heavy bags downstairs (I don’t do treadmills). My preworkout cocktail looked a 'lil something exactly like this: 2 scoops Power Drive mixed w/ seltzer, 2 Guarana caps from Solaray + burned Snapcase CD while driving to the McGym. I even got in a couple football tosses with some random individuals on campus after class. Fun for all.

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i’ve been on for a couple of workouts. my endurance is insane. I’m doing these full body workouts and i feel like i can keep going on and on. I like the training affect. I’ve been taking it with 2 MD-6 and some added caffeine. I don’t know if its the caffeine or the powerdrive. I’m recording my poundages that i use now and will report how they are at the end of my training period. laters pk

I can tell a huge diff. between one and two scoops of power drive. I like it because i am usually drained at the end of my lifting and i have to take a break before doing any cardio but with PD i can go straight into my cardio with great intensity. For an extra boost take it with ADR’s Spirojet. It’s a liposomal ECA that will kick your butt.

Personally, I’m just sticking to heavy training, compound movements which I have been doing for a while. I had started to plateau a little bit before I started the powerstack, but now it seems like I’m refreshed again without changing anything in my routine. Part of the reason for my lagging was likely due to the post pro-steroid cycle, but the Power Stack definately seemed to get me out of that feeling.

On a side note the Grow! Bars are incredible. I had not bought any before I received the Biotest package thinking they would be like any of the other decent bars out there. I don’t know how they did it, but these protein bars don’t even have a hint of glycerine aftertaste! The taste is very good and they are very chewy. The only small complaint I have is they could be a little more moist. They are almost too chewy. If that means cramming more glycerine in don’t do it though. Definately the best overall bar I’ve tasted on the market.

I have been using it since I got it and didn’t notice anything with just the powerdrive. I started taking 2 md-6 with it and noticed a mild difference, but nothing like others have reported. Between the Tribex and M I am waking up every morning with major wood and the other night during sex my wife thought I felt bigger and longer so I will give the Tribex some credit for that. I will continue to use the Powerdrive until I am out to finish the test, but to this point it hasn’t done anything for me. I have responded amazingly to every other Biotest supplement though, so I guess it was a matter of time before I found one I didn’t respond to.

I just started the power stack last week, which came in handy after just coming off of two weeks on mag-10. I’ve noticed some promising results from two scoops of Power Drive, without the caffeine though because I’ve had to work out in the late evening. My focus is better during sets but the real benefit is in the extra tough workouts it seems alot easier to do those last few sets. It’s also helping my workout focus and stamina because I’m doing a new strength program I got from Christian Thibadeau (Thanks Chris) which has lots of power cleans, snatches, push jerks, and other more physical and complicated moves. I’m changing gears in my training and concentrating on gaining more strength and power in the next few monthes. I’ll be sure to post my final results and opinions.

I am into my second week. The PD keeps me focused. I did not get PD in before yesterday’s workout and it seemed as if I did not have the drive to finish my last set of benches…as far as Tribex and M, the morning woods are getting my wife excited (it has been a while for those, at 49, some things do just simply disappear). The Grow has a nice flavor to it.

Tonight was my second leg workout after being on the Power Stack. I started off feeling a little lax for squats, but I was still able to push ahead and improve over my previous workout. My body finally started to catch up to my mind’s focus by the last set of squats. When I went over to the leg press I upped my weight 40 lbs from my previous workout and it felt easy… Almost too easy. Lastly, I finished off the night with some stiff-legged deads and went up 20 lbs from the last workout and again felt really easy. I’m starting to get the feeling maybe 20-30 minutes before my workout is not ample time to get the powerdrive in my system. I definately felt a better mind-muscle connection toward the end of my workout. That seems to be at least a few people’s reactions so far. I wonder if there is something we could do to move that feeling closer to the beginning of the workout other than taking the powerdrive/caffine sooner.