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Progress, PRs

Last night I hit a PR on bench and finally hit 225lbs. I have a long way to go before I consider myself strong on the bench, but hitting a new PR made the rest of the workout a breeze since I was so pumped up. Isn�??t progress wonderful?

In the past I didn�??t do much work on my bench since it was a week point. (I have long skinny arms that I blamed for the lack of bench strength, but now I just tell myself to keep working on the bench and supplemental exercises and my arms will grow). I know that I should�??ve have been focusing on my week bench press to improve it instead of neglecting it. I always focused on the squat and deadlift. At least I was focusing on those big lifts and not the hip abductor machine (no, I have never using a hip abductor machine).

Since I am now on a more balanced program and am now doing bench on a regular basis I expect to see some nice gains on my bench

Anyone else have a nice day at the gym?

I’m still trying to force myself to get my bench up. I just started a few weeks ago and it’s sitting at a horrible 115lbs for 5 reps. It’s really hard to get PRs when you would rather be squatting or deadlifting.

My session went fuckin terrible last nite. I tried for 195 on squat but the bar felt like it weighed 4000lbs. Only made 4 reps.
Deadlift was ok, made 225 for 5.

See, how does it feel to be able to bench what I am pulling off the ground? Pretty damn good eh?

Those bad days can suck the life out of a person sometimes :slight_smile: Keep it up and remember that you are in it for the long run.

This may sound elitist, well I guess it is, but when I’m not having a great day in the gym I look at everyone else working out and it makes me feel better. Not because there are a bunch of hard core lifters in my gym that pumps me up but its due to the fact that almost no ones does the big lifts in my gym. I think to myself “I’m doing it right and time will tell.”

I also get a nice laugh when I see “rep man” come in and belt out 100 reps with almost no weight. The only time when I don’t laugh at him is when he’s taking up a bench that I want to use. Then I’m pissed, but that motivates me too. Luckily he never uses the squat rack.

Keep up the work and when you have those bad days find something to work with. Oh, and make sure you are eating well and getting enough sleep so the next time you are at the gym you are breaking all your PRs :slight_smile:

There is something special about the 225 mile mark. The first time you slap those two plates on and own them.
Nice work.

I usually end up working out (when I do have partners) with people that are stronger then me, I find it really motivating.

i was just like yasser going with people bigger and stronger than me it motivated me now im the second strongest out of the people i go with set some new records to day too
im Australian so so i use kg
i benched 142.5 kg which is about 315Ibs i think

Doing the big lifts makes me feel like I’m part of some group, I guess the Brotherhood of Iron. Whenever I see someone squatting, cleaning, or doing any O lifts I approach em and say nice job.

I don’t think it means much to them since I’m a fuckin toothpick compared to some of these guys and girls but there needs to be more of a community for us.