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Progress Pics of Mr. Shoulders


Be kind...Remember I am 51 y/o now


Another one


And another


Almost done


Last one


Ok, one more


My deepest apologies about the accident. Hope everything works out!


just gotta say very impressive.

I hope i wish i look like that when i hit 51!


Whoa, say's you have a rating of 0.0 on the forum page. I think there's a bug somewhere.


Maybe it's in an old post, but what accident are you referring to?


i thought he was referring to the lack of leg pics


Yeah man, I figured they must have been lost in a wreck or something. Maybe you guys know something I don't about it!


The dude's been bodybuilding for a while clearly. How about some respect for what he's achieved, taking his age into consideration?


Here is one


I didn't mean it as a lack of respect. The joke was meant in good fun, but we all know how many problems we've been having with this kind of stuff. Besides, he posted a leg shot so it's all good! Let complete rating begin.

And to give an opinion, biceps and rear delts look like your weak points. The "controversial" leg shot looks pretty solid!


I guess I missed the sarcasm in that post. Good physique mr shoulders, got any pics of when you were in your prime? Unless this is in your prime, which imo would be just as/if not more impressive.


You need a better photographer to be honest. The angle on that RLS is very bad. Ask him to snap it from your waist level instead.