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Progress Pics 4 Months Since Last Post

Hey guys, had a request for some progress pics, I actually went on a cut, and toned up quite a bit

stats: 5’11 167lbs 12-13% BF

Lost about 8-10 lbs, more toned…of course I had to cut, summertime calls for it :slight_smile:

Stopped the pilates, now I’m doing cardio kickboxing 2 times per week, and doing 3X8 nd 5x5 instead of my old 3X10 sets. I got a new work out partner, and he helps me with squat technique, but I do light loads due to the fear of messing my knee’s up

Hope I can get some positive feedback, and creative advice…please do not post if you have nothing helpful to say…thanks guys :slight_smile:

First pic is from last year…I didn’t realize I was carrying that much fat on my abs

me now, leaner, and more toned

tricep shot

chest and quads

me now, and me then…haha

Please no more thong shots. Where are the rest of your pics?

This isn’t funny or creative at all. You did a really terrible job with this thread. It wasn’t believable at all. I’m disappointed.

Comon guy, you look worse that you did before. Why don’t you start lifting heavy already?

I’m guessing you gave yourself a 10? There’s no fucking way you deserve a 5 rating.

What a joke.

For some reason…and this always happens…i posted all my updated pics, and they didn’t post…check my profile, I added all my new pics…hopefully the others will show up soon on my thread

elano, if you look at my thread, you will see that i wrote the pic posted is me from earlier…are you that stupid?

Polish Rifle, cool profile pics…but how come none of them actually show your physique? what are you hiding? Thats what i thought a*shole

You get a 1 for photoshopping a thong in the first pic.

my god man, how many thongs do you own?

I do see some progress there! Keep it up!:slight_smile:

tiny bit creepy

I wish there was an ‘11’ rating, because this is just great.

Keep inspiring us Solid1974!


Wow, nice progress. You look so much bigger now. Not to mention the hawt abz showin thru. Are you juicing, or did you manage it to improve that much because your test levels are that high naturally as you insinuated in your first thread?

Progress is evident. Areas which need improvement include biceps, deltoids and quads. You deffinitely seem more toned in the after pics.

One note: no matter what your sexual preferences are, you could surely benefit from assuming a more masculine stance in the photos. Butch instead of bitch etc.

Other than that, keep up the good work!

[quote]John Q. Adequate wrote:
One note: no matter what your sexual preferences are, you could surely benefit from assuming a more masculine stance in the photos.[/quote]

You noted his gheyness in a very considerate way.