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Progress Pic 07-24-2016 ... *With Diet Info*

I have 4 more weeks of dieting to go. Down to 202 this morning. The picture actually doesn’t do the justice to the improvements I made, somehow the lighting washes out the definition in the upper portion. Anyway, that’s the best I could do.

I am gradually re-introducing more carbs in my diet. The goal is to find a level where I am continuing getting a bit more hardness while gaining some muscle.

Here is what my diet looks like.
IMPORTANT: I do not include my peri-workout protocole in the diet. But I have 2 servings of PLAZMA pre and during my sessions.

1 serving of MAG-10 … to that I add 10g of sodium bicarbonate (Arm & Hammer). The bicarbonate is there to make my body more alkaline. My whole diet philosophy now is to prevent the body from becoming acidic at all costs.
*Right after drinking it, I go for a 1 hour walk

200g of a white fish (sole, cod, tilapia, pengasius)
200g of berries
1 serving SUPERFOOD
Decent amount of brocoli and cucumbers

200g of a white fish (sole, cod, tilapia, pengasius)
200g of white rice (white rice is less acidic than brown)
Decent amount of brocoli, spinach and bell peppers

10-12 almonds
1 serving SUPERFOOD
Green veggies

200g of a white fish (sole, cod, tilapia, pengasius)
200g of white rice (white rice is less acidic than brown)
Decent amount of brocoli, spinach and bell peppers

10-12 almonds
Green veggies


  • Curcumin 3 x 4 capsules (main meals)
  • Flameout 2 x 3 capsules (lunch, dinner)

yes sir!

glad you take my diet advice of fish, veggies and berries (lol jk)

looking superb. what do you think about maintaining that leanness forever ( i know you’re still cutting to competition level but this would great year round). add a little more white rice here, a few “cheat meals” and more intra workout to selectively gain pure muscle. maintain shredded look, i see no reason not to…

so when is your workout? Is it after the mag10/baking soda 1 hr walk? After breakfast?

are you still focused on strength/poundages in gym?

Well it was more Kevin Levrone’s advice lol. But my goal is simply to eat to reduce inflammation (so I don’t want omega-6 fatty acids which red meet is full of0 and prevent acidification of the body.

Not superb yet, in 4-5 more weeks it will be good. But I’m happy considering the health issues I had the past years. At one point I honestly thought that I would never be able to get in shape again.

I think I can stay at my current level of leanness because truthfully it is not uncomfortable: I have a lot of energy, no cravings and my workouts are great. Now, I will likely drop about 2% more in the next 4-5 weeks, and that degree of leanness might not be sustainable, but we’ll see.

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Yeah that’s my plan. BUT I believe that this plan only works for people who already have a lot of muscle. Those who need to put on some serious mass will not make it with that approach IMHO.

4:30: wake-up, have sodium bicarbonate/mag-10 drink (and INDIGO), check my emails, facebook and forum questions

5:00 - 6:00 go walking, pick up the paper on the way

6:15: Breakfast

7:30 head to the gym which is about 27 minutes away

If I may ask, are you a good friend of Kevin Levrone ?

Looking awesome CT

No, never met him. But I know what his diet is like.

Looking great Thibs! Damn, you’re the only one who has never stopped evolving and posting awesome results like this over the last 14 years. Much respect!

Thank you I appreciate that. My goal is no longer to get hyyouge but to be in great shape and able to do any type of training I want even when I’ll be 70! After losing something like 30lbs of muscle 3 years ago due to health issues and not training for several months and then having a helluva hard time putting muscle back on, it feels good to be somewhat decent again.

I’m actually in much better condition than the picture shows, I can’t seem to take a good physique shot.


@CT it almost sounds like you may have had gout. I was wondering do you ever remove protein supplementation to reduce acidity?

Not even close. Kidney issues. My story was posted on the forums 2-3 years ago.

Was it really that long ago? Damn… congratulations on not letting your goals go in the face of such an intense time. I just love seeing depth of knowledge matched with passion like this.

Most of the front features speak for themselves but the lats from the front look insane.

Thanks! I put a tremendous focus on my back this year. It was a big weakness

Hi CT,

Awesome pic! You mention that you are wanting to prevent as much inflammation as possible. I agree. A month or so ago I mentioned hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a healthy addition to one’s lifestyle. The primary reason is it is great for inflammation. I just spent 7 weeks in New Orleans undergoing 40 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. I feel fantastic and my strength skyrocketed.

Just a thought

Hi Coach, looking great man…will you be writing an article expanding on your new dieting philosophy on making your body more alkaline? is this a year round thing? or is this just during certain phases of the year? I think this topic would interest alot of people. Thank you Coach


Quite possible. I’m normally not one who likes to write about nutrition, but truthfully this has been life-changing for me so it might be worth sharing.

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Year round… being healthy and having a body that functions optimally is not a phasic thing!

Think of it this way… let’s say that you want to grow crops. You can use the best seeds in world, the most advanced fertilizers and take good care of your crop, if the soil is rotten there isn’t much you can do.

But if you have a great soil it wont require much to grow great crops.

Same thing with training. Your body is the soil, the better condition it is in, the easier it will be to change positively.

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How many total calories would you say you are consuming right now? I follow a pretty similar diet but a little higher in fat

I have no idea to be honest. Well it is fairly easy to count the calories from my protein and carb sources but the main issue is the veggies. I eat a ton but the quantity varies a lot from day to day. Even though they are not dense in calories, they still contain carbs and protein and provide calories.