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Progress on Yogi's Personalized 5/3/1


So this is just an update on my progress doing the 5/3/1 template that a user name Yogi gave to me a few months back. I am really loving it and making good progress. All of my lifts have gone up a bunch, at the beginning I missed like a 190ish bench and I just got 165 for 16 reps, I could only squat 240 and I just got 225 for 13 reps and since I fixed a few form errors my squat is really going up every week.

Deadlift is going pretty well it is kinda hard to tell progress on that without maxing out, but it's going well. My OHP was at 135 and I just got 120 for 9 reps. So this is within a three month timespan, I thought I would get on here just to let him know I am loving the program and it's going great.

Honestly I would have made even more progress, but the first month or so was pretty rough because I was overstressed due to a few things going on and under rested, but I learned from all of that and finally have got a grip on nutrition and rest. I am getting at least 180 g of protein a day which is eating almost all of the food we have in the house and two protein shakes a day. My weight has gone from 180-198 without too crazy much fat gain.

So yeah this is nothing too crazy, but I thought I would come on here and give an update on how this is going and that I'm loving the program. Now that I have worked out and fixed a few issues I am really looking forward to the progress I am going to make in the coming months! This has been a great learning experience that I am learning from and I've fixed a few errors that I've made, again, Im just here as an update but yeah it is really going well now. I attached a back progress shot so you guys could see.


Hey awesome progress! I'm not familiar with Yogi's template and i'd be interested it to give it a try, I'd be very grateful if you maybe shared a link to where you found it.


Hey sorry for the late response, I haven't checked this in awhile so this from a user on here name Yogi I don't know anything else about the guy but here is the program he gave me that has really worked for me and I have loved it. I am about 203lbs now and all of my lifts are going up. And yeah I have also for sure gotten bigger.
Bench Day

Bench 5/3/1
Bench Assistance (Boring But Big)
Dumbell Row superset wtih Incline Dumbell Press
Rear Delt Fly superset with Incline Fly
Arm stuff

Squat Day

Squat 5/3/1
Squat Assistance (Boring But Big)
Hamstring Curls
Romanian Deadlift

Military Press Day

MP 5/3/1
MP assistance (Boring But Big)
Pulldowns superset with Laterals
Straight Arm Pulldowns superset with Shrugs
Arm Stuff

Deadlift Day

Deadlift 5/3/1
Front Squat
Step Ups/Lunges/Something Else of a Simliar Ilk
Hamstring Curls

So I did make a lot of progress on this and I will keep using it AT LEAST until the end of mayish. I did make mistakes along the way which I should tell you about. Ok so the biggest is managing rest and stress. I almost feel as if I wasted the first month or so doing this workout because a time came where I was super stressed about things with friends and school. At the same time I wasn't getting enough sleep. So I got sick and I couldn't lift worth a crap and I had to take a week off, at least it was at the time of the deload. And I had to work on my diet and getting enough calories. You have to eat all you can. If I don't eat enough throughout the day now, I eat so much before bed that I almost puke. I also have two protein shakes a day, milk, hashbrowns, and such to supplement fat and carbs. So yeah the first month or so I almost wasted, which pisses me off because I am very hungry for progress. But this is a great program like I said that I will do for at least 5 more months and I will try to keep sleep and stress healthy now that I am going back to school. Blah. I also added in dips instead of tricep isolation and a little more pulling work like pullups or even sometimes facepulls whenever I feel up to it. I am looking forward to more of the progress I am going to make using this template.