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Progress on Push/Pull//Legs

To those of you who have ever tried a push/pull/legs- I know, maybe many of you might not have… But could you give me advice on how I would set up my progression based upon a higher frequency program?

Basically it would be like lifting each body part or lift twice a week. I figured i might have a heavy day where I beat my previous best in reps, then the second day a lighter dynamic day. Sort of like a Westside type. I have done 5/3/1 in the past and made good progress. I made my best ever gains on this program by I was 20 pounds heavier, and I can’t remember the progression I did since I followed what my training partner did.

And advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Personally, I just go high intensity on both session, following the mountain dog principles, but a ME and DE pattern is also a great approach!