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Progress Log

I have never made one of these, but I am going to now. It is a must for success in the iron industry, so I hear. So here it is, my day one of the Training for Maximal Size program.

Narrow Stance Squats
-5x8 @ 135

30 Degree Incline Bench
-3x8 @ 95
-1x8 @ 115
-1x8 @ 135

Dumbell Flyes
-3x8 @ 2 * 20 lb Dumbells
-2x10 @ 2 * 20 lb Dumbells

Leg Extensions
-3x8 @ 100 lbs
-2x10 @ 115 lbs

Was a good day in the gym I felt. I really lack in the legs but hope to have them caught up with the rest of my body in about a month or so… Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.