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Progress, Lacking Areas?

The first photo was taken about 8 months ago, the second one about 1 month ago (went from around 240, to around 210, I don’t have a scale but I do weigh myself occasionally). The last two are from today.

Personally I’m super stoked to see visible progress, that being said, I’ve always had genetically lacking legs (thanks dad) and I’ve been trying my best to increase their mass. Also, ignore the cyst on my back, I’ll handle that eventually.

I don’t train for any specific endgame, I just like gaining mass and being in relative shape. What are some areas you guys see that could use some extra attention?

I wouldn’t focus on any specific area. You’ll benefit from more muscle and less fat overall (ie. More time in the gym). Your legs don’t look ridiculous or anything. Congratulations on the progress so far.

Bit early to really tell anything because its hidden by fat. Update in a month or two and see if your legs don’t look all detailed with muscle separation tho tbh physique looks pretty balanced.

If you are trying to lose weight right now i.e. in a caloric deficit it’ll be harder to gain muscle at the same time especially if you are not a noob to resistance training, returning from a period of extended detraining or using PEDs.

Focus on losing fat for now while holding onto your gains and by maintaining or improving performance in the gym. You can worry about making all kinds of gains when the time comes.

Strongman: cool, I really hate neglecting any bodypart, just a personal thing. Also “your legs don’t look ridiculous” is probably the best complement ever, I was 100% the chicken legs guy, so at least it’s finally paying off, thanks!

Khangles: First off, you’re a wealth of knowledge! Second, definitely. The weightloss was never really my goal, tbh my diet is pretty lackluster, (not the worst, but driving by taco bell everyday is a son of a bitch, and usually gets to me on the weekends) it gets a little better everytime, but I’m stubborn. But after losing the weight it gives me something to strive for.

For now I’ll focus on tackling my diet and getting this extra fat off, especially getting out of my physical job, it’ll take some serious effort now, thanks guys!

(PS, I’ve lurked for a long time, but now that I’m actually showing my face, I’ll probably be posting a lot, sorry, never had any major weightlifting friends, so my knowledge is limited to what I’ve experienced, and from my high school coach)