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Progress? It's Sooooo Slow. :(


Hey all! I just wanted to post a progress pic of my back. I feel like it is almost getting there, but not quite. I've been lifting seriously since October. I don't know what my current bodyfat is because I'm 5 months pregnant and that skews it a bit. :slight_smile: I was hoping to have a gorgeous, skinny back for summer (before I found out I was prego) and don't feel like I made it.

Oh well. The baby si due in October and I can't wait to REALLY start lifting again. I can't wait to lose all of this fat either!! Anyway - what do you think?? How can I develope my lower back more?? I do deadlifts, pullups (the more weight I gain the harder they get - holy cow!!), some lat pulldowns, and rows. I'm hoping that when I start losing the fat my back will be much nicer. crosses fingers

Anyways - here's the before - wasn't flexing - sory.


And here's the one from yesterday. Sorry about the quality - my four year old was the only one at home. :slightly_smiling:


And one from the front just cause I'm feeling brave. Forgive the tummy - there's a person in there! :slight_smile:


You look good, but don't get ahead of yourself. You need a higher bodyfat percentage right now to protect your baby.

Keep lifting, but play it safe by changing up your routine as the baby gets bigger. For the next few months, concentrate mostly on healthy eating for the both of you. Your body composition (especially fat loss) starts in the kitchen, not the gym. What you eat is more important than how you look.

So no, I can't forgive your tummy. Be proud of it.


hehe.. I have completely forgotten about fat loss at the moment. I don't think you could lose fat while pregnant unless you literally starved yourself. All those hormones just suck it up. :slight_smile: I'm not concerned about it - I do want to keep it in check however (no eating for two) so that I don't have a huge excess once I deliver and can start working out again. I think that out of all of my pregnancies this has been by far the most helathy - exercise and diet wise. I'm excited to see this baby and how well my body does afterwards - especially since I'm staying in decent shape.

Thanks for the kind advice!! SO far deads and squats have been okay but I see that changing in the next few weeks. :slight_smile:


nice back