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Progress in Running and Speed


Hi everyone!
Well i am doing the built like a badass program with the dynamic effort low body day added from the W4SB3.
I would like to be faster and a better runner , i have been doing many sports ( thai boxing / Basketball ... still doing Basketball , Thai is for after) , and i wan't to be a better runner . I am 17 and i am loosing weight for 4 years.

I started training today at an old olympic stadium : I mixed both training ( W4SB3 in speed training and Men's fitness speed conditionning ).
Here is it :
-3 Kms /1.8 miles run in 16':00''- Training some endurance here and to warm up. Just love it , going cool.
-Second warm up High knees : 20 yards each exercice
Butt kicks
Reverse lunge hip stretch
Step back into a lunge and bring hands overhead to stretch hip.
Power skips for height
Power skips for distance
Backward run
A, B skips
Straight-leg runs
Single-leg bounds

-Stationnary : 10 reps
Hip rotations

Spider-Man steps
Reps: 12 (each side)
Reps: 10 (5 each side)
Glute hip bridges
Reps: 10
Cook hip lifts
Reps: 8
Seated arm mechanics ( A man was looking at me , he was like : "WTF".
Duration: 2 x 20 sec

10-yard startsâ?? 8 sprints with 50 secs rest
20-Yard shuttle - 6 sprints with 1 min rest - Loved it - Intense
40-Yard sprints - 3 reps : 2Mn30 rest.
Finally : 60-yard sprint - 1 rep.

Cooling down : 300 meters slow run. with stretching for my full body.

DOES THIS PROGRAM SEEM GOOD ? I am a beginner and i am feeling tired but it was awesome and effective.. What do you think of it?

Do you have another examples?
Thank you for reading


If your goal is to be a better runner, why are you doing Built like a Badass?

When you say better runner, what type of runner? Are you wanting to get into distance running (5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, etc) or sprints, or something middle distance, like the 800?


Because, as per his two other threads in the last four days, he also wants to lose fat and build muscle and gain strength and get more athletic. The four basic food groups of newbies.

No. Joe DeFranco is smarter than you and I combined, and his programs work just fine when followed without additions. Pick one program and do it exactly as it says.

Stick to the plan for a few months, eat three good meals every single day, and good things will happen to the way your body looks and performs.


So i will stick to the 3 days a week program , 2 times speed or conditionning workout. I also do one or two times Basketball. Thank you for your reponse.

After the Speed training , i got lumbar pain , i think because they aren't stronger enough : Should i do less sprints ' with my hand on the floor" ?
I think that because i did the barbell complexe two days ago and with the speed workout , it was too hard for my lumbar , so i will rest until it gets good. Should i put on some ice? or some medicinal product?


It could be that or it could just be poor sprinting technique. Ease into it and make sure you're not running too fast or too long or too often until you get more conditioned.

I don't know what this is. Like the mountain climber exercise?

Two days "should" be enough time to recover, unless you overdid the complex work or tweaked something during the weight training.

I usually prefer heat to ice, but whatever you feel helps. Some basic, easy mobility work might also help to loosen the area up.


Here is the technique i was doing for the sprints : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXwOX5-ucb4

For the barbell complexe , i first did many sets to learn the different exercices with my coachs.. Then i did them... Well even my Teres major hurts ( not a lot) when sleeping on them ...

Now i will just go for 5 reps for the barbell complex until i get it... I feel bad for not training... and i am kind of scared for my back because i am only 17 :(.


Start in a standing position. Defranco refers to the position shown in the video as an 'advanced' technique; why you'd think it would be ideal for you is beyond me. Also, Do this for conditioning...

warmup (jogging for 3 minutes, high knees, heels to arse, static stretches), 5-10 hill sprints. Walking down again is your rest period.

That's ALL you'll do for now, twice a week. I really wish you'd understand that you don't need to train with a hyperscientific program to make progress as a beginner. You're 17. Lift heavy things, run, stretch. Eat well. That's all this boils down to.


Never forget it ! thanks


Hey everyone !
I went to the doctor :confused: ... Kind of small muscle tears for the lumbar , and contracted muscles ( kind of small tears too ..) for my teres major.. I can't practise bodybuilding or speed running until the first with many medicines... I am allowed to swim.. that's whati will do with a cut!! if you have some advices for my back , or for my cut , i am here , or for my swim training..