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Progress in 8 Weeks

hie i just started lifting 2months back so just wanted a quick feedback of how i am doing so far because i am new to bodybuilding. thanks



Good progress so far, but 8 weeks is a fart in the wind when it comes to lifting weights.

Keep it up and good luck :slight_smile:

Your backnee seems to be getting worse. I would recommend a loofah on a stick and some cleanser for those hard to reach areas.

As for lifting for 8 weeks, pat pat, good job bud.

Agree with both guys above.

Not bad so far, from what we can see. It’s a different pose and we can’t see your legs, but your back is (obviously wider), and so are your love handles.

Just remember that at 17, you’ve still got decades of training ahead of you.

“Eight weeks to a better body, four weeks to a bigger bench. Dude, fuck that, I’m a lifer. I want 10 years to a bigger bench.” - Jim Wendler.

What does your training and nutrition look like?

well thanks for the replies guys
and i am on 50-30-20 diet
i am getting most of my protein from beef, chicken and whey
and i am eating around 6 meals a day