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Progress in 7 Months Following ACL Surgery


Hey, need help deciding on whether to bulk up or cut weight because I want to get my abs and more definition to show. Stats are 5'6 165, Bench: 280, Squat: 375x5, Deadlift 405, Bicep: 16 in., not sure of bodyfat maybe around 12-13%ish?

This first pic is a few weeks or so after ACL surgery. Progress pictures below.






Quad/Hamstring Bad pic sorry


Left Leg (ACL recovered leg)


Right "good" leg




Last pic side chest


You're on the right track so far, but you should definitely continue bulking.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you injure your ACL?

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Thx, pick up game of football cleat got stuck and twisted the sh*t outta my knee.


Keep bulking. Looking good sir.


Thank you, will do.


Anyone want to give me some specific advice on what to focus on? Made pretty good improvement in shoulders, looking to get more lat/trap development, calves and abs are always trouble areas for me especially since I haven't been able to run and jump much until recently.


Summer workout split while I'm not at school is:

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Shoulders/Traps
Thursday: Arms focus on Triceps
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Core/Hamstrings/Calves

I work in 30 mins of cardio or core workout 6 days a week.

Diet for past 2 months consists of
Wake up: Protein shake, 3 whole eggs, oatmeal/2 slices whole wheat bread occasionally ham or meat.
Before workout: Apple or Grapes +Jack3d
Afterworkout: Protein Shake + Natural Sugar Juice or Small Milkshake to spike insulin levels
Early evening: Chicken or Steak with Rice/Potatoe sometimes veggies
Later evening: Another meal similar to early evening/sometimes eat out but focus on getting protein and less carbs
Before Bed: Protein Shake with Peanut Butter. Thinking about starting to just take casein.


Looking solid so far. I wouldn't focus too much on making abs visible; keep getting bigger and when you finally cut, they will come naturally. I personally train abs within my regular rotation of lifts, rather than many times a week mixed in. I train them heavy and brutally; I let them stay sore a few days while I train upper body. Usually works OK. I'm a little bigger, little fatter, but my abs still show despite some softness. They are reasonably strong but not particularly visible.

Calves are a sore point for us all; just keep up with them. Even if they don't grow in size, they will get stronger at least. Mixing up seated and standing calf raises works best for me. Falling in love with one usually leads to a plateau.


Focus on your upper chest.


Thx, yah I just realized my body responds pretty well to a hard core workout rather than a half-assed 15 min abs type routine. Did some sprints for the first time and my calves paid for it I mean shit I was doing like just a 45 plate on seated calves machine but I realized my ACL leg calf wasn't firing so I've been working on doing each calve individually and it's starting to work. Did the individual quad work in the beginning now they're both up to speed and I'm squatting a hell of a lot more than before surgery. But yah I'm getting a consensus on it's good to bulk put on as much lean muscle as possible and then cutting time will bring out the definition.


Upper and lower do need some more focus usually find myself doing majority flat bench work, you think the upper is lagging more than the lower pecs?


Yes, look at your avatar man. You want a round and full looking chest, not a flat upper chest coupled with a pointy lower chest. If I were you, I would drop your standard flat work for a while and focus on guillotine presses, incline presses and flies.


I would suggest also adding in dips (wide grip, foward leaning) or decline db presses.