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Progress For Me


Why not share i say. This is for all you badass motherfuckers who want there muscles to change........ Change in the form of being bigger. Im getting it done, i want all to guys to follow, and follow hard.

Lets say you bring a girl home at 3 in the morning, your last meal was at 12. You get that 3 scoops of protein and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in there and if she asks what your doing, tell her you'll show her what its all about in a minute. Commitment!!!!! Discipline. Keep with the plan.... Act on the plan. You might even need to eat again after.

Honestly, it took me til Janurary 09 to realise that that being really lean under a t-shirt but having no muscle is fuckin stupid. Muscle is where its at and im here, im here. Im fuckin destroying my t-shirts. Destroying my jeans is an understatement. Having muscle and being 9-12% body fat is 100000000% better than being 5% body fat with sweet fuck all muscle.

Having a belly....... Keep it tight when your out, not so bad.

All are welcome to post progress pics. Actually, do post progress pics. Its a bodybuilding site, people get your pics up.

Hammer muscle fibres.

(OMG LOL xxx :slightly_smiling: WFT. Hot Abz. Goin to the beach tomoro, cutting my water tonight. Wish me luck)


first pic june 08, second june 09




OMG my eyes are scarred!! Beasty thighs though, good work :slightly_smiling:


oh u short bastards hate u all :smiley: nice progress tho keep it up


Good change of attitude. Keep going big man.



Cheers guys.

Stu, out of all the pics you have, your current avatar is king. You look great


If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to give myself an authentic irish accent, seriously. You guys all sound like badass fuckin pirates. Nice progress guy.


That's a cool post, and good work on the progress.


I always say that progress in bodybuilding comes down to 2 secrets... Commitment, and Consistency. When I first started seeing my girl, she'd be shocked that after a night out, and usually after eating a big meal with her friends, that we'd come home to my place, and after walking my dog, I'd "force" down a protein shake with some PB and Fish Oil pills.

It was pretty obvious to her that I certainly wasn't hungry when I did this, but as I explained it, "I destroyed myself earlier today in the gym, and just because I feel full now, my body still needs adequate nutrition to repair the damage while I sleep".

It's the little things you do, even though they can sometimes be a pain in the ass, that will add up and make you look back after a year or two of doing them and realize that it was all worth it. Keep telling yourself that 'the other guy' isn't paying attention to all the little inconvenient details, and that's why he'll look exactly the same in a year. Be better than he is. Go the extra mile when he's not. Have something to show for all the time and effort you've put in. Be proud of what you're accomplishing, and don't let anyone take that away from you.



You said it bro, you gotta do what you have to do. Sometimes if i dont have veggies cooked when its time for my next meal i might try tell myself its grand,,,, and then an automatic response comes in 'cook your veggies paul, you need them' and then theres veggies with my meal.

Even if i try to skip sometime i dont let myself, stretching is another example, its easy to skip stretching, but you gotta be doing your stretching and thats why i stretch daliy.



Come live here for a few years, that should do the trick :slightly_smiling:


Cheers bra!


pirates ?lol


who are you calling a "short bastard", Shorty?



Your vastus lateralis probably sticks out a bit more OR (more likely) you learnt to flex your quad better for sweep AND you lost a bit of fat.
Anyway, nice wheels.


Not the ones in little boats with outboard motors and AK-47s, I'm assuming.

To the OP: Damn impressive legs!



good job with the wheels bro, they are looking thick as fuck, keep fighting the good fight. My left shoulder is a cunt this last week so i've rested; first week off in a year. Anyways, props to you for the hard work. That Stu guy he knows a few things, about training. His contest prep is pretty lackluster however, i didn't notice too many striations in his glutes. The guy eats fucking pop tarts post work out!!!!


I agree.
I feel its gone from a regular quad to a bodybuilding quad. All my heads are coming on.


yeah damn you to, you lurch lookin' giraffe d jolly green giant bastard you:D