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Progress - Constructive Feedback

 I'm 43...Started working out to help heal a surfing injury in Mar 07, seriously working at it since July.   Never dawned the light of a gym before, so feel like I'm on a steep learning curve.

I work out 4 times a week(split upper & lower body), with 2 cardio sessions (25- 30 mins) and I do my ab work on the cardio days. Sunday is my rest day.

I Was 195 then now around 174...been hovering there for the last month and a half.

Diet has changed substantially, weighted more to protein, trying to eat between 7-8 times a day with snacks. Eat most of my carbs before 7pm...really drops off after about 3pm Drink between 1-2 gallons a day.

Supplements would be consist of fish oil, creatine, glutamine and glucosamine.

I've posted 3months of progress (Aug - Oct)on my profile.
Sorry about not being able to get the photo's on this post.
I posted them on the photo section of my profile from another computer thinking I could access them from there.

I'm completely open to your suggestions and feedback...don't worry about taking it easy (from what I've read that shouldn't be a problem :wink: )

Actually I have this photo as a before photo...taken Mar 07


You have done pretty well so far, much more fit looking. What are your goals?


Still have lots to learn, but I'm thinking ...

Slow and steady ... ie
Continue to lean down on the body fat
Continue to be as progressive as I can as far as it goes with lifting and developing... concentrating on building muscle mass increase while at the same time...slowly chip away at the body fat, so strategy is build muscle, a little cardio, good diet,
Goals would be by within a year ... be at a lean 180...

Was 174 this am, and realistically have about 10lbs of fat to go...leaving me at about 164...but if I can develop some muscle mass over the period of the year to end up around 180 from where I am today. i'd be ok with that. I'm not in a hurry. Don't even know if that is realistic or even too easy a goal to work on.

Thanks for asking and for the feedback!


Definitely looking better.

Your goal is to gain 6 pounds of muscle in a year. That's a conservative goal. why not shoot for 12 lbs in a year? 1 pound of lean mass a month. Totally doable.

Keep your diet in check, maybe try a carb cycling approach, or if what you are doing is working stick with it.

Good luck.


Thanks for the encouragement...

Ya I didn't quite know whether it was conservative or not. I was thinking that with 10 lbs of fat yet to go and then the addition of muscle mass the diff would be more than 6 lbs... but just adding muscle mass will make the difference to the BF %.

Thanks again,