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Progress Chart

I just got off of my biggest and longest bulking phase as of yet. I started at 160lbs and after about 5 months I was 215. (I am now 209 and dropping back down). My diet was pretty dirty, but I was only concerned with making gains on my lifts and not concerned about body fat.

As you can see on my progress chart, depicted in red, my bench went up faster on this 5k calorie per day diet (as with squats and deadlifts). My next attempt will be a cleaner bulk. I was wondering if these results seem typical. I always tend to think that my progress is too slow, but I can’t argue with the steady and predictable gains in all my lifts.

My progress chart…


so what were your results on your lifts (before vs. after)?
that graph is very obscure…and handheld bf% testers aren’t accurate. What method did you use for estimated bf%?

The chart looks cool. Are you going to be able to go back over your logs and make a chart with your lifts progress (that’s actally what I expected the chart to be).

Regardless, it’s easy to see steady progress. and a long term approach. Can I ask you what program you used to make it?

There’s just something about large data sets. It makes me tear up a bit.

I’d ignore the BF%. From my experience the hand held Omron machine that I have is 10lb lean mass too high when im on creatine or carbed up. But when I’m dieting and low on water it reads maybe 5-10lbs too low. But it’s data so I must log it.

The specific progress of each lift is still in paper and pen form. Basically I went from 195 8 rep max to 240 8 rep max in the last half year. On deadlifts I went from about 320 1 rep max, to 355 3 rep max. And on squats im at 240lb 6 rep max from 200 6 rep max. (all in the past 6 or so months)

I used excell and photoshop to make the chart.

nice progress.

what did you make that graph in?

pretty good progress. Being a FFB, I hesitate to gorge on a see-food diet. If I don’t see gains, then I’ll cook up a bigger piece of chicken and add an egg to a protein shake.

Maybe you should try the 20-rep squat program if you’re trying to put on a lot of mass (and get it closer to your deadlift numbers). I gained about 10lbs all noticeable in my legs after a few months. When you get back on another strength program your squat will skyrocket and your other lifts won’t really decrease.