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Progress After Hernia Operation

Had my Operation just over 7 weeks ago, heres how it went afterwards since some people wanted to know how long it took to heal etc.

First few days I was not able to move a great deal, I could still walk and get up by myself but it was very uncomrtable.

After one week I was walking around almost as good as new, no pain at all just a little slow.

just around 12 days after i went for a light jog to see how i felt and i was able to do this no problem.

After 16 days i went for a run going at almost my usual pace and found it to be easy. I also statred doing press ups around the house ok.

Around day 20 I was at the gym doing some chest exercises and some pull ups.

just coming up to 4 week since operation and I was able to play a full game of rugby. I was a little unsure but i played it and came out ok. I was a little rusty but still scored a try.

5 weeks after - back doing chest and shoulder workouts and some ab training almost back to working at my usual rate.

6 weeks - Training again just as good as ever, even started some deadlifting again and have had no pain…

Good progress so far, hoping to start squatting again soon!!

Thanks for the post. I’m having umbilical hernia surgery in 11 days, myself.

A gym at my gym had hernia surgery not too long ago. He told the surgeon that he was a powerlifter and would stay a powerlifter. He requested to the doc that he take extra measures with the surgery. The Doc just replied, “Oh don’t worrry, it won’t ever come lose”. I assume the doc must have put in some abdominal rebar.


you might be interested in reading my thread about hernia recovery, i talk about every step of recovery and how i got back into training