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Progress- 13 Years Old

It’s me again
dis was before 2-3 months i when i just started lifting


1 month back

1 month later

looks like you lost weight.

start eating please.

oh and lifting. if you haven’t done so already.

and now

back now


You still look like you don’t lift weights and don’t eat. No offense, but your only 13, why not wait about 4 years to post progress pics again.

And don’t use the word “dis” because it’s not a word.

Finish puberty before posting any more pics. Until then be sure to eat more.

No lesbian on this one. It’s too weird.


ok and my goals are gain about 20-30 lbs of muscles become stronger alot that about it

Eat a lot, and learn the basic movements properly, and eat some more.

your only 13 so dont worry about putting on just muscle, just put on the weight sculpt it after.

please stop posting on this forum topic. Im not knocking you, but honestly.

dude you blew up! You’re freaking huge, what the fuck do you expect people to say???

Stop posting on here and start reading some articles, lifting, and eating, then come back in 2-3 years and show us your progress

you have no physique to rate, your forearms are skinnier than toothpics…this is the second thread you made with the same weak ass pics…go away

You are 13. I would advise against posting any pictures of yourself online. Not even trying to rag on you man, it’s just a smart idea.

yeah dude. there could be old ladies (men) using your bod for masturbatory purposes.


Count it.

were you ever in the movie the machineist?